I have a dream

Last night some friends came over and we watched the Auburn-Miss State game- War Eagle! and it was nice to have a distraction from the MESS for a while. But then, the friends went home, we cleaned up and went to bed, and I…didn’t sleep. Well ok I did for a little bit- a couple of hours- but then woke up and in that middle-of-the-night sort of way, proceeded to think too much, to fret, worry, chew over all the stuff of the MESS.

And I got angry. I got mad at DePuy Orthopedics because they’re going to bill my insurance for THEIR MISTAKE. I got mad at being put in a position of having to worry about stuff, logistics and pain and nebulous things. About attorneys, and lawsuits and compensation. All that. I resent being in this position. Then at 3am I decided I wanted SHITLOADS of MONEY for all my aggravation. No. Not really, but what I want is recognition and compensation commensurate with my issues.

Then, I told myself, I said “Self, you can’t do a thing about this at 3am. Not a thing. Go to sleep.” I didn’t, go to sleep that is, but I did calm down a little. Finally around 5 I slept a bit, and had a dream about consulting Donald Trump regarding the legal issues. (why him? No clue) only Terry got up and in the shower right about then, and I woke up before The Donald could tell me what to do.

So now, I’m going to see what the doctor says first. There is an appointment for an evaluation on the 22nd. Then I am going to consult with DePuy and get their take on it, with notes, and see just how willing they are to pay fully, and not bill our insurance. You see, Terry’s company is self-insured, and not part of a huge group. Therefore any large claim will affect the premiums of every person within the group. It is GROSSLY unfair to expect the people in the company to pay for DePuy’s mistake, and I won’t have it. Therefore, either DePuy pays for it all willingly, or I’ll get me a pitbull attorney and they can pay for it all and attorney’s fees as well

Thing is, at 3 am, I want to deal with it in my own special way. But I won’t. Even tho I want to.

Please bear with me in the upcoming weeks. This is a deeply consuming issue and I intend to write alot about it. Any advice you may have regarding this will be gratefully appreciated.


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2 Responses to I have a dream

  1. Phew, what a mess indeed. I think, like most things, you need to just take this a day at a time and keep one of your lists running as you think of things or have new concerns. Sometimes putting it on paper allows us to get it off our minds?

    Best wishes with this, I imagine it may be a long process though?

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Man-O-Man!! I can’t believe it.

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