Oh Wow! Awesomesauce!

Remember a couple of years ago, when I had my hip replaced? So nice it was, all that pain was gone,replaced with a loverly shiny new one! State of the art, too!

BAH! Fancy new hip has Issues! Big ones, too! It’s not working right. Oh it doesn’t hurt much, but the muscles around it are acting weird, being pulled in directions they don’t want to go and that is making walking decidedly ungraceful. Also it keeps coming out of it’s socket. Not entirely, and it doesn’t hurt, but I have to do this strange sort of Chubby Checker twist move to get it back in place. Most annoying, tho not painful.

Then..hoo boy…see, I don’t ever watch network tv. I only ever netflix tv shows because advertisements annoy me. Only, I DVR a show on BBC and whilst whizzing through the commercials I glimpsed one…uh oh. Ambulance Chaser attorney says DePuy orthotics has a recall on ASR-XL hip replacements. “HAVE YOU HAVE A DEPUY ASR-XL HIP REPLACEMENT?? ARE YOU IN PAIN, MISERABLE AND NEED HAND-HOLDING?? CALL US NOW AND WE’LL GET AN AWARD OF MILLIONS (tho we’ll keep most of it and you’ll get enough to cover the gas from your house to the Dr’s office)

Woop. So I called the Dr office and yes, my hip has been recalled. So I called DePuy and set up a claim thingy so the doctor has a place to send the bill. I’ll be double-damned if I’m going to pay a penny out of my pocket for this. I’m not looking to gig DePuy for a zillion, but the device is faulty, and it’s not my doing.

What I don’t know is how to figure compensation. The medical expenses, that’s easy. What about lost time? I’m a housewife, I don’t have a personal income. What’s the value of my time, the inability to do my job or drive #4 to and from school or bend over and do laundry or stand in the kitchen and cook? How do I attach a price to that? Dad suggested I see an attorney. I don’t want to see an attorney. but it makes sense.

There’s a class action lawsuit involved, but how long will that take? My hip isn’t working right. It needs fixing. Do I have to wait until it’s settled to fix it? What about out-of-pocket stuff like Terry picking up Chinese because I can’t cook? What about the cost of after-school care because Terry can’t get away from work to bring him home at 3? What about Terry’s lost vacation time because he’s taking care of me instead of hanging out at the beach? I have NO idea how any of this adds up. I’m not looking for a huge payout…but I want my valuable time figured in, with respect.

*sigh* I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I’m up for all the tea and sympathy you want to give.


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3 Responses to Oh Wow! Awesomesauce!

  1. Your hip was recalled!!!!??!?!!! That’s terrible. I am so sorry.
    There should be significant compensation for that. Sheesh.
    Hang in there. xo jj

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  3. Attila the Mom says:

    Absolutely see an attorney, my friend. It’s not being greedy to be compensated for a serious issue.

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