For a realist (that’s people whom optimists call pessimists), I try to be fairly upbeat. Oh sure, I can be cynical as all get-out, but generally I like looking for the bright spots here and there. Recently I posted a list of things that were going well in my life. The kids, Terry’s employment, the house, all pretty good stuff and worthwhile.

Then a day like today happens. Oh nothing huge, no diagnoses of incurable brain cancer that will rot away my personality, no asteroids hitting the house and killing the cats, nothing like that, just little stuff. Sort of.

I woke up with that sense of impending…something…not really doom, it wasn’t that bad, just kind of an awareness that today probably wasn’t going to be the best day ever. And so far, it hasn’t disappointed.

See, I don’t watch much broadcast TV. I like to Netflix shows so as not to be bothered by commercials. However, I did DVR a show, and was watching it, and saw a commercial for an attorney- one of those alarmist ambulance-chaser types that guarentee settlements in the millions if a medication gave you a rash or something…only, this one is relevent. It’s for a recall on a DePuy hip prosthetic- the replacement things. The new one. Guess who has the new DePuy hip prosthetic. And has been having a few (so far) minor issues with it- clicking, range of motion issues-nothing really painful nor particularly debilitating (so far) but evidence that all is not well in orthopedic paradise. Damn. So I called the orthopod and was told “the list is in Savannah, but as soon as we get back there I’ll check it and give you a call!” That’s fine. Only, now my mind is going over the whole possibility of having the damn thing replaced, and all the logistical mess involved there. Oh sure, I got on the DePuy website to see what’s what, and they will pay all the expenses involved, but will they drive my child to and from school? Pay for the meals I can’t cook because I can’t stand in the kitchen? I don’t know. Worry worry. First things first, Peg, make sure you have the bad hip before you start planning your funeral, ok? Ok.

So after I got it into my head I may have a faulty medical device, I was making some tea (to soothe my ragged nerves) and spilled boiling water on my finger. Great. Now there’s a burn and it hurts.

Then Peaches called and said she was on her way to Atlanta for the birth of her grandbaby, so no Prayer Group today. Rats. I could use a little feminine hand-holding. However, the birth of a grandbaby is a wonderful thing so I didn’t pout or unload.

Instead, I started mashing the Stumble button (‘mashing’ is a peculiarly Southern term, means ‘press’ or on a computer ‘click’. However it is a delightful sounding word and I love to say it.), looking for interesting stuff, and came across this

isn’t it pretty? And it’s something I could do if I were laid up from a repeat orthopedic event. Would make lovely christmas gifts for friends, teachers, etc. I remember my aunt teaching me how to quill when I was a kid, and I haven’t done it since.

Anyway, I wait with not-so-eager anticipation to see what will happen the rest of the day.


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3 Responses to What a MAHVELOOOOS Day!

  1. JerseyChick says:

    That is a seriously gorgeous snowflake. Is there a spray-on pearly sparkle that wouldn’t clog up the curls?

    This is the part where you spend 2 minutes being thankful you DVR’d that show, and another 2 minutes being thankful you watched the commercial instead of clicking into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Then you drop the subject until the orthopod gets back to you.
    Did you think that the God Who loves you (enough to make sure the perfect commercial for you aired during the one show you would DVR!) would drop the ball when you needed a meal cooked or a kid driven to school? Naw, He can easily cover those details for you, too. If He wants you to have surgery, He’s not going to punish you for taking the time to recover from that surgery. Amirite?

    • rootietoot says:

      yeah you’re right. I just wish He’d fille me in on all the details at the beginning so I wouldn’t have to trust Him so hard all the time.
      The snowflake? I know, right? Gorgeous! You can buy sparkley paper to make them, or there’s this spray on glitter stuff that’s super fine and would probably work well. I intend to investigate further.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Oh, Rootie. I miss three days here and look what happens. I’m on my way to read the more recent posts. I’m hoping this turns out better than I think.

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