Comfort food

Ok fine, so I’ve managed to go from a size 20 to a Rubenesque 16. That’s good and it makes me happy. However, other circumstances in the household are making me quite blue. And being blue makes me hungry, and makes me lose my appetite…weird, huh. How can you be hungry and have no appetite? It happens. So this morning I decided to make a little pot of oatmeal. That’s good for you, right? All over the box there’s stuff about Heart Healthy and High Fiber such. Great, I thought, that’s good for you and the high fiber means I won’t be hungry later on, which is good, right? Right.

So I make the little pot, using the Heart Healthy directions, only, y’know…oats are boring on their own. They need a little oomph, right? Right. Some flavor. So I threw in a few raisins. Fruit, good for you. And some brown sugar, the dark kind. Molasses is really good for you, it has iron. Right? Right. Oh and a splash of vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon. Yum! Like oatmeal cookies! Oh but no butter…no…that would be fattening. So the oats are done and I’m thinking some milk. Only, all that good stuff and low fat milk? Eh. Well lookee there, it’s a small carton of heavy cream. How did that get in the fridge? And it’s only a week out of date! I bet it’s still good, maybe clotted. Clotted cream is fantastic. So, only a little. For flavor. But clotted cream in a carton has a tendecy to make up it’s own mind about how much is coming out, it’s a blob with a mind of it’s own. And goes GLOOOOP into the bowl. Oh boy that looks good. I am NOT scooping it out. Oh goodness, the spoon also has a mind of it’s own and stirs it all up. Now it’s past the point of no return. No scooping now. Might as well eat it. The hot oatmeal makes the butterfat separate from the cream so there’s yellowish stuff kinda floating on top. It looks suspiciously like melted butter. Better taste to make sure it’s ok. Mmm…it’s definitely butter.

And it was good, that Heart Healthy pot of oatmeal swimming in butter and brown sugar, and I feel better now. Oh sure, I’ll pay for it later with meals of green vegetables and vinegar, but this morning I needed clotted cream and brown sugar. Sometimes you just do.


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3 Responses to Comfort food

  1. Well, one bowl of oatmeal, all sugary and creamy, isn’t gonna KILL ya. But clotted cream? I hate clotted cream! When I was in London I ordered some kind of pastry with clotted cream and it was YUCKY. Not sweetened or anything. Of course, almost everything in England tastes horrible.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Clotted cream! Girl, you’re a hoot.

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