Merry Christmas, apparently!

I went to Hobby Lobby the other day, and walking in was surrounded by Christmas Trees! Must Buy Now Before It’s Too Late! Apparently I’m supposed to spend $300 on a 6 foot tall pre-lit tree (white lights, classier than colored ones, I reckon) NOW! Before it’s too late! and that was just in the lobby. In the store, to the left, shelves and rows and rows of Christmas decorations Buy Now! Before it’s too late! And ribbons and greenery…better get to crackin’ you slacker, don’t want to be caught without Christmas decorations in October!

Why, when I was a kid…Christmas decorations came out after Thanksgiving. That’s what was so special about the Friday after T’giving…getting to see the Christmas stuff the Magic Elves put out sometime Thursday night! Then when I was a teen they bumped it back to Halloween…boy that caused consternation. Christmas stuff out before Thanksgiving?! Wot?!

And now, here is it September 1. And it’s already been out 2 weeks. Next thing you know it will just get left out year round and then the special is all gone.

And another thing. I like colored lights. They’re pretty and festive and cheerful and the kids prefer them. Our Christmas tree is what you might call PotLuck. It’s full of ornaments the kids made over the years, and bright colored lights, and the packages underneath are wrapped in whatever paper the wrapper prefers, not what happens to match the other boxes and the trees.

Now having said that, I love a beautiful all-matching tree. In someone else’s house. A few years ago Terry bought me this small tabletop tree I can put upstairs in the hallway, to decorate however I want. And I do. Last year it was full of penguins. The year before had quilted calico ornaments and crocheted snowflakes. Even when I do coordinate something it still has a homemade country vibe…I just can’t get into the sparkley Martha Stewart fancy-pants sort of thing. But that’s ok.

What I can’t figure out…is WHY do they have to start it in August?


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3 Responses to Merry Christmas, apparently!

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Oh, man, Rootie. I’m so “there” with you on this. I can’t stand how the marketers have taken something special and lovely and turned it into a nerve wracking competition, a “gotta keep up with the Jonse’s” kind of thing. If you don’t have this (fill in the blank) your Christmas won’t be perfect? And I really hate how they market to kids. They get a bazillion kids to want some action figure, make them believe they “have” to have it and then they can’t manufacture enough of them. Then a thousand moms and dads and grandmothers and aunts are standing in lines around the block because some store gets a shipment of 100. Can you tell you hit a nerve?

    And I like colored lights too. The gaudier the better. Love em.

  2. JerseyChick says:

    On the bright side, you’ve found some great animations for this post. It made my day to watch Santa skate for a couple of minutes, and try to figure out the pattern of the tree lights! TY!

  3. Yep, it’s ridiculous to see Christmas stuff out WHILE the Halloween stuff is out. I mean, talk about opposing holidays!

    I’m like you, our tree is a mish mosh of stuff, much of it things the boys made in school through the years, but each item I place on my tree has a meaning or a history. I do love those themed trees, I’m just too scatterd to do one of those.

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