I love Monday

Oh I know, people groan about the weekend being over and back to the grind and all that…but I love a Monday. It’s a fresh start and the week is full of possibilities. Monday is the day I do laundry, clean the floors and make the lists for the rest of the week. Oh sure, by Thursday I am quite ready for the weekend and late evenings and convivial cojugation (wot?) but Mondays…all promise and hope for me, on a small scale, of course. But then I live a small scale life. No major brain surgeries scheduled, no Live Aid concerts destined to feed small nations, not even a seminar to teach other housewives how to fold towels. Just…life. Laundry, meals, running #4 back and forth to school. Who knows what those small tasks will eventually accomplish? All I really want to do is provide a sense of security and continuity for my family and maybe a few others. Nothing grand, but maybe that feeling of security will enable someone else to do something big and important, and I am ok…happy even…with that.

Tonight I’m cooking a light meal of sesame noodles with chicken. Scrounging through the pantry unearthed a package of Chinese Noodle…those eggy things kind of like ramen only not. I’d forgotten about them, and they make Most Ecellent Noodle Dish. Cook them. Toss them with sesmae seeds, sliced green onion and a splash of sesame oil, cook up some chicken and shred it, then cook it again to make it crispy, toss with the noodle and there you are. Easy peasy, cheap and…something that rhymes with easy. Not cheesy. No cheese involved. But tasty. Plus it takes like 2 chicken breasts to feed 4 people with leftovers. Which makes it really cheap.

Anyway, it’s Monday, a day of starting fresh for the week, PLUS! Oh! I’ts 68 outside! Feeling like Fall and I actually HAVE THE DOORS OPEN! Fresh air! Awesomeness! It’s only supposed to get up to 90 today! And be (relatively) dry! Woopwoop!

And, because it’s Monday and it’s My Blog and I can call the shots…some happy yet unrelated pictures:


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2 Responses to I love Monday

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Those pics are funny. The noodle dish sounds good and easy.

  2. I wanna come to your house for a month and learn to cook like you!

    Oh my, those tongues!

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