Leftover Soup

The pot roast mentioned before hand was not so good. Oh well. I turned it into vegetable beef soup that was better than the pot roast thanks to half a quart of red wine (in the soup, not in me) and some barley, but it still wasn’t stellar. I console myself with the knowledge that even my failures are better than my father’s monthly pot of leftover soup.

Here’s what he would do (I’ve described it before, but it’s been a while and I couldn’t tell you where to look it up):
All the leftovers from the fridge. All of them. The bit of calf liver, the custard cup of fruit cocktail sans cherry, the wilted celery, the bit of tuna salad, spaghetti sauce…every last thing.
Throw it in a large pot with a jar of tomatoes and a can of those (huge mealy nasty gross)kidney beans…the dark red ones…and cook it up.
Serve it to your family for every single meal until it’s all gone. It inevitably makes at least a gallon.

Eventually I learned to go into the fridge close to the end of the month, and eliminate the most egregiously offensive ingredients (like calf’s liver and tuna salad), but getting rid of all the leftovers would have made Dad suspicious and angry, so care was needed in choosing what to throw out.

It is the reason both Bro. Scott and I absolutely refuse to eat leftovers. Even the good ones like lasagna that are better then next day anyway. We are scarred and cannot do it.

My children, however, will eat leftovers. #4 loves to take them for lunch the next day. I will bag them up and freeze them for Will and David to take home whenever they come over. Terry gets the first serving for lunch- he doesn’t get leftover, he gets the good bit at the beginning. This started long ago, back when we had 4 growing boys in the house and leftovers didn’t happen. The only way he’d get lunch that wasn’t a dry sandwich was if his carry-out plate were (was? were?) served before putting the food on the table.

My attitude toward leftovers has relaxed a little bit. There are some things that I love, that are too arduous to cook for breakfast. Stuff like whole grains. Oh boy I do love a bowl of brown rice or purple barley or hard winter wheat, long cooked in chicken broth with a shredded chicken thigh mixed in and some garlic and a green onion and some parsely. It makes an outstanding breakfast, hearty with protien and sticks to the ribs until well into the afternoon. So if chicken and rice (barley,wheat) was supper, that’s what’s for breakfast the next day. #4 loves the soups. He’s all about the soups and if that’s what’s for supper, he wants it for breakfast and lunch the next day. Who says breakfast has to be cold cereal? If the soup is already made, and it takes 2 minutes to zap it in the bowl…why not have it for breakfast? It’s protien and complex carbs and all that soupy goodness. Sounds better than a bowl full of SuperSugarBombs anyway.

However, the Leftover Soup recipe has been handed down, with many warnings about eating at Gramps’ house toward the end of the month. It is a part of our family lore now. I guess the soup made from pot roast was as close as I’ve come. There were, however, no (huge mealy nasty gross) kidney beans, no home-canned tomatoes, and no fruit cocktail. There was some leftover barley..but it’s good in soup.


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  1. JerseyChick says:

    Plus, using leftovers leaves you time to design a hilarious new blog header…

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