It’s mah day off!

Thursday is my day off. No laundry, no cleaning, nothing unpleasant (unless it can’t be helped). I do what I want. There’s half a leftover calzone from lunch yesterday, I’ll warm it up and eat that. Season 2 of Weeds is on the Netflix box. I’m going to watch that…or some of it. And I’m cooking.

O yes. A 3 pound chuck roast is going to combine with some pepper smoked bacon ends…a recent discovery. For cheap you can buy a pound of bacon ends- thick chunks of smoked and cured pork that don’t really work as slices in a BLT but are fine for seasoning a pot of beans, or in this case, a chuck roast. I got the idea from James Beard. He recommends lardoons, bits of fatback, studded into a roast for flavor and tenderizing. I’ve done that before but today I decided to Do My Own Thing since there was this package of end bits. I rendered the bacon in a skillet, browned the roast in the rendered fat, put all of it in a crockpot with onions and garlic and 6 cups of James Beard’s Quick Brown Sauce…which is not quick at all so when I make it I’ll make a gallon and freeze it in quarts, so as to have it for use…anyway…so far so good. The house smells lovely and we’ll just see how it turns out tonight. I may, in the interest of it’s what I like, add red wine later on today. I’ll post the whole recipe at Rootie’s Kitchen, when it’s done.

Pot Roast with Gravy requires rolls, so fresh rolls will be made before I go pick #4 up from school. A green salad…maybe some kind of fancy pants complex carbohydrate/grain type thing for the gravy. I’m low on taters so that’s out and when one spends this kind of time and effort on a roast one does NOT make instant potatoes to go with. There’s plenty to choose from: brown rice, barley, quinoa…might even have some winter wheat somewhere. Anyway, today I’m cooking because it’s FUN and makes the house smell GOOD and I can watch episodes of Weeds in between stuff in the kitchen.


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2 Responses to It’s mah day off!

  1. Your dinner sounds fabulous. YUM!

    I’m sorry I cancelled Showtime because Weeds was so good. Now I think I’ll get NetFlix to catch up. Thanks for the tip.

    Enjoy the weekend, jj

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