O fer pete’s sake!

in bullet points

*except I don’t know how to make that slightly oversized dot used for bullet (or is it bullit? or is that a type of bourbon?) points. So I’ll use the little star or maybe the whoopdy thing for variety…anyway

A. I slept well last night (or is it good…I slept good. I slept well. whatever) thanks to a certain tension release (oh get your mind out of the gutter!) involving a long conversation Terry had with the corporate head dude in charge.

2.I got started on My List. Yesterday involved the dining room, the removing of many nails and the spackling of many holes. Now the dining room has the air of a space (hate that word, they overuse it on HGTV. Since when did “room” become outdated and every room is now called a space?) on the cusp of change. In other words, the walls is all patchy ‘n’ stuff and is waitin’ for fresh paint. I postulated that the thing to do would be to purchase a 5 gallon bucket of builder’s antique white, and commence to painting all walls that bland vanilla, because when we moved into this house, they were all bland vanilla and it was nice to move into a place (space?) that was so inoffensively colored. It gave me time to think about it, instead of moving into a house covered with bright yellow walls and Sesame Street decals (it’s happened) that needed immediate altering. I’d like to make the splace (there we go) appealing to a buyer. Even if we stay put, I want a smaller splouse. So I am kicking into “get it ready to sell” mode.

*Last night was Open House for #4’s new school. We’re sending him to a small private school this year. The public middle school is HUGE, and one of my biggest regrets was the way the older boys were kind of shoved into this Lord of the Flies environment when they went to middle school. I am grateful that we can send #4 to this school, and the 6th grade class has 18 students. The whole grade. With 5 boys. And the 6th grade teachers (both of them) have boys of their own, so they know boys and how they think. He’s excited. I’m so pumped about it I actually agreed to do a couple of things on a regular basis: Stuff the Monday Mailers (the things they send home with assignments, information, etc) and work the Car Line Monday afternoons. Since I’m going to be there stuffing the Monday Mailer’s anyway. It will get me out of more arduous duties like committee stuff or being in charge of something.

~I talked to Terry about Vanilla paint. He said “let me think about it.” He also accused me of nagging him about some other stuff and I guess I am but I did tell him before I started nagging a couple of weeks ago that I would nag him and he said that was fine, so it’s not like I’m doing it out of the blue and for Pete’s sake I had his PERMISSION to DO IT. But last night he complained so I stopped, after one final nagging comment, then he threw a handful of cornchips at me. Well ok, not a handful, just one, but it was a big one and broke on the floor and made a mess. Ok a small mess. If you can call 2 pieces a mess. Then I told him Lowe’s had vanilla paint in 5 gallon buckets for $50, but he said to go to Sherwin Williams and see what I could get there, because he mistrusts $50 five gallon buckets, and likes the manager at Sherwin Williams. Ok fine. No, I don’t really *want* vanilla walls, but I *do* really want to sell the house and get a smaller one.

E. My parents’ 50th anniversary is upcoming. Next weekend they’re having a massive catered party at their house, which I won’t be at, but I did make the invites and send them out. Labor Day weekend my brother and his family, and as many of us as will be available, are going to be there. Bro Scott and I mutualy agreed that a 2 pound roast is inadequate to feed 10 of us, and that Mom was likely as not to produce a single frozen pizza for lunch, so he and I are collaborating on meals. Bro Scott is highly skilled with the charcoal hardwood lump charcoal grill, so we’ve been planning menus around Mom’s unreliable oven and the grill. I wrote Mom and told her to kick back and forget about the meals, that Bro Scott and I would handle them. This way we know there’ll be enough to eat, and I won’t keel over with the salt-bloat from eating chili-mac and frozen pizza all weekend. Grilled chickens, we are, and grilled veggies, and maybe I’ll borrow the bread machine and make stove top pita bread. Anyway…between the 2 of us, there will be good food to eat and Mom won’t have to cook. Which reminds me, I gotta get crackin’ on their anniversary gift, half made and languishing on my desk.


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2 Responses to O fer pete’s sake!

  1. JerseyChick says:

    I am definitely stealing a page from your mom’s book and finding a way to have my kids make all the meals when they come to visit. Kudos, Mom Msrshall!

  2. Bella Rum says:

    good luck, Terry, on that conversation with the boss. hope it brings about some positive change.

    i know what you mean about the paint selection. due to the housing market, Dad’s situation, and the lack of availability of one story houses in our area, it could be a little while before we move, but we still chose a buyer-friendly beige for the walls and white for the trim for the dining, living and bed rooms. there’s something to be said for clean and inoffensive.

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