Thy will be done…

WordPress has made a few minor changes. Annoying…but I’ll get used to it. If it were up to me, I’d still be putting pencil to paper (don’t like pens, I make too many annoying mistakes) and sending them snail mail to the editor. I have reluctantly embraced the Computer Age and here we are.

Anyway…changes. yes, they happen. They’re going to happen no matter what, no matter the screaming and pouting and general passive-aggressive baloney I can pull out of the bag.

Last night I dreamed about freight trains, massive floods, tsunamis, and tornados. Whenever things are in an upheaval, and I can’t control them, I dream of huge events I have no control over. For a long time it bothered me, why these disturbing dreams? I don’t enjoy them. I wake up shaking and scared because I am a control freak and when things are out of my control…well…y’know…it’s disturbing.

A long time ago I talked to Terry about it. He opined that I ought to quit fighting them. So it occurred to me…God’s will is like a freight train, or a massive flood, a tsunami…not the destructive part, but so huge and there’s no way I can control it. So what’s the answer? Get in it’s way and try to make it go where I want it to? Or hop in a railcar (or a boat) and ride where it’s going to go, since it’s going to go there anyway? Sure, the ride might be…hm…exciting, or adventurous, or even unpleasant…

Maybe if I quit fighting it all the time, quit trying to decide where/what I wanted, and allow God to carry me where He wants…perhaps at least I could quit being so darned stressed about it all the time. Oh sure, the uncertainty is still there…but God’s Will is God’s Will and in the grand scheme of things that’s what matters. “Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven” I say that every Sunday. It’s not just rote, it actually means something.

I am not sure what that means here, today, this week/month/year. I don’t know where the freight train is headed, but at least I can trust that God knows what He’s doing. He’s never let me down so far, and the times I have actually been able to “let go, and let God” things have turned out well.

No, I am not one of these “name it and claim it” people who says “if I pray hard enough He’ll give me a big house and tons of prosperity”…but I do think He has given us a certain set of skills and expects us to use them in a way that will point people toward Him. I am not sure we’ve been so good at that. What I am (almost) positive about, is that He knows what He is doing, and where we need to go, and His freight train is heading in that direction. Our job is to recognize that, and hop on. Otherwise we’ll get flattened. Because that’s what happens when you get in the way of a freight train.


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One Response to Thy will be done…

  1. Bella Rum says:

    say it, sista! those freight trains are really something, aren’t they? you’re right. we often have little (if any) control over situations.if we’re lucky, we cope. it’s always about coping.

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