Office Max is my friend.

Ok, so even tho I’m busy being butthurt (that’s a David word meaning ‘egregious and o’erweening sensitivity) there are still little blips of happy-making events. For instance, today. #4 and I went to church, and even tho I had to tell 27 well meaning people who asked where Terry was, there were a few who knew and understood that he isn’t a slack-mouthed heathen at home in his underwear while his beleaguered wife singlehandedly tries to be responsible for their youngest child’s spiritual well being. This was good.

Then 4 and I got home and I decided, since there was a spare $15 in my purse, we’d go to Southern Palace and eat cheap American-Chinese food, then, because I had a fancy coupon, we went to JCPenney and got school clothes (woot!), then to Office Max (I refuse to go to Walmart for school supplies) for school goodies and man it was like hitting a jackpot and that’s why I’m smiling.
Yes. A penny…one cent…per pack of notebook paper. Erasers and pencils for a nickel. 50 cent composition books. AND they had the supply list we needed and couldn’t find at home.

We used to go to Walmart for supplies, but so does everyone else. And it’s a madhouse. And I hate it. And it’s 1/2 mile from the parking place to the supplies aisle and there’s always people blocking and taking and rudeness and…well, you know. Office Max, on the other hand…the parking place is right there. The stuff aisle is right there. And this time of year they rearrange and there’s all these bins of everything you need in a row, right there, labeled and priced and you don’t have to scrounge for the penny-a-pack paper. There’s no line. There’s no hassle. Who cares if I might save a dollar going to Walmart? I’d spend more than that on vodka trying to come down off the anger high from dealing with the crowds. Office Max, I love you.

Now we’re home, 4 has loaded his new Mead Five Star Keeper Notebook Thing (a concession, since there was penny-a-pack paper and he’s going into 6th grade at a new school and the supply list said it was fine for him to have one) with new paper (penny a pack!) and a ruler and protractor and pencils, there’s a bag full of supplies for the general usage (glue stick, scissors, markers, dry erase markers) and all that’s left is to hunt him up a new lunch box.

School starts in a week. I love that shiny new feeling of the beginning of the school year, where the clothes are still clean and neat, the shoes look good, the notebook is orderly. I think we are equally excited…him to go and me to see him go. For now, everything’s all lined up and ready to go.


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