Call me Disgruntled

I am. Disgruntled that is. My father, being the grammatical acrobat that he is (he’s from West Texas and they screw everything up grammatically), would say “if he is disgruntled now, when was he last gruntled?” I chose not to answer that because it’s probably none of Dad’s business what we do in the privacy of our own home.

Anyway, Terry is on his 29th straight day of working. Yes. Not one day off since this time last month, tho he did have part of a week off then (early July) due to shut down. He should have had an entire week off but didn’t because there was a maintenance crew working and he had to go in and check on them. More disgruntledment. So, as I have whined about before, not only does he have the near-inhuman working conditions of a textile finishing plant in the deep south (115-120 degrees, 100% humidity, steam cans, steam pipes, and a boss who pissed off all the local contractors so they can’t get the heat exchanger/swamp coolers fixed), he doesn’t get a day off. At all. Before the shutdown he had off Father’s Day, and before that he had Mother’s Day, and then he had off Easter before that. you count the days…that’s 3 days off since Easter.

Because Terry is who is he is as a manager, he has worked schedules out for his employees, so they can have day off here and there, and a full weekend once a month. Granted, it’s not the 2 days a week off that we Americans expect usually, but it allows his employees a degree of rest they know they can depend on. unfortunately, he can’t give it to himself. He gave it to them instead. Because that’s the kind of man he is.

Last March The Owner asked Terry to hang on, to keep the faith, that he promised by July work would let up and people would return to normal working hours. That was a month ago July happened. And not only is there no end in sight of the continued relentlessness, people are leaving. Terry’s assistant left for a job that pays the same, had better benefits and is an 8-4, Mon-Fri desk job. And is local so he doesn’t have to move. That was a no-brainer. Terry wishes him well but is understandably frustrated. Now Terry gets to do *his* job as well as his own. His clerk is leaving, too, for a job in a Dr. office. Can you say “air conditioning, good hours”? More work for Terry. O sure, El Presidente hire him a new clerk, some guy off the floor who doesn’t know how to run a computer, and he didn’t even give Terry the courtesy of interviewing him, just said “here’s you a new clerk. He’s computer illiterate so you will have to train him tho.” When is Terry supposed to do that? Between 9pm and 4am?

Thing is, Terry is a very patient and committed man. He is going to give whoever he’s working for the very best he can. He will do his job, because his pride won’t allow him to do anything but the very, very best. I think know am positive beyond any shadow of doubt he’s being taken advantage of. It’s making me really angry and tho I try hard not to make Terry feel guilt about working so much, it’s pissing me off to see the company and their attitude of “oh he’ll keep working so we’ll keep piling it on” and then when he falters because he’s carrying the load of 4 people’s jobs, they get mad and yell (and cuss) and snub him and treat him like so much worthless shit. Then one of them goes…Oh, Terry’s working again. and they give him a nice little pat on the back and a 5 minute pep talk “oh we need you, thank you, you’re so important to us” then another insult and some more work piled on. What was the name of the Clydesdale in Animal Farm that kept doing all the work while the pigs got all the benefits? Yeah.

Something has got to give. It will give…eventually. Terry is a patient man, but like a volcano that simmers for 10,000 years then explodes, obliterating everything, or like the dam that hold and hold and holds and then that one last drop of rain makes it burst, and the water cannot be contained and nothing will stop it…that’s Terry. And I won’t blame him a bit.

I looked for a cute or funny image to put with this post, but it’s not a cute or funny situation. All I could think of was how wrong the whole situation is. There is nothing…NOTHING…that will make this a lighthearted or funny thing. Nothing.


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One Response to Call me Disgruntled

  1. Bella Rum says:

    this is a disturbing post, Rootie, but of course, you know that. life is short. i hope Terry can find a place where he’s valued soon. just the heat alone is enough, but the rest of it is unimaginable. Bella

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