I look forward to the day, eventually, when Terry can actually go to church with us instead of saying “I might be able to get away long enough to meet you there” as he leaves for work at 6 am.

I look forward to, one day, knowing he’ll be home at 5:30pm every night, and we have time for a beer before supper, instead of him getting home at 7, gulping down dinner and a benadryl so he’ll go right to sleep…so he can get up at 4am to go back to work. I also look forward to having time to cook a breakfast and eat it with him…a real breakfast with stuff like grits or pancakes…not one of these grab-and-go sandwiches he eats in the car. At 4 am.

You know what would be amazing? If he had a job close enough to our home that he could come home for lunch. Then I could learn what is meant by “nooner”. Or close enough that I could meet him somewhere. We used to do that every Friday-meet for lunch, spend an hour together without kids.

Weekends off…nearly all the time. ’nuff said.

Seriously people, who actually works like this unless they’re a recent graduate of law school or trying to get a business up and running?


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  1. deedee says:


  2. terry says:

    yeah, ouch is a good description of it

  3. Bella Rum says:

    I was describing Terry’s work to H the other night… about how hot it is and how it rains inside. H used to work like a mad man, too, but he didn’t work in those conditions. It has to be exhausting.

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