list listy list list lists of lists and a whole book of them

I do love a list. About 15 years ago, when I started on a medication for the bipolar disorder and my brain (formerly sharp as all get-out and capable of remembering everything) went *phtzt* I started keeping a notebook and writing everything down. CJ recounted recently a spell when I lost that notebook and just shut down entirely. He remembers a period of about a week where nothing got done because that notebook was lost and it had everything from menus to Dr. appointments in it. He says I kind of sat in the corner and rocked for a week, gnawing on my toes and mumbling.

Anyway, yes to the notebook, yes to the list. Now I keep 2, just in case one gets lost. They both have my phone number on the cover with an admonition to anyone who finds it to please call because the family suffers greatly when it’s lost. And yes, it got lost a couple of months ago and yes, I was called and it was returned. I was grateful. So was the family.

So this morning, well sauced with 3 large cups of strong coffee, a fresh pen, and my notebook, lists ensued. Glorious lists! Happy lists! Several of them! The first involved our bathroom. Vintage 1967 bathroom and not the good kind, with flesh toned tub, sink and toilet and spectacularly bland wallpaper but not the good kind of bland. A list was made, in conjunction (o how the internet has simplified things!) with a computer and, of all the stuff needed to update this bathroom and how much it will cost ($500! I can update the whole thing for $500!).

Then another list, of stuff to do around the house (put up moldings here, paint touch up there) and another one of outside work (paint this, repair that, cut down the other) and so one. Lists begat lists and that maketh a happy woman.

Once the list is made it’s easier to start the actual project. You know where to go, what to do, and how much it should cost. It minimizes surprises and I despise surprises unless they come in a robin’s egg blue box.

We discussed list making at Bible Study a couple of week ago. Several of the women share my happy philosophy, but one did not. She said a list for her was an excuse to rebel. She takes one look at a list and says “O Hell No. No one is telling me what to do.” and that is something I truly do not understand, because it’s yourself telling you what to do, not some other person. She’s a delightful woman, perpetually late, perpetually disorganized, and the idea of organization causes something in her brain to fry and she runs hard the other way. I truly don’t understand it but have accepted for a long time that everyone has their way and what works for one may not work for another. I gave her a hug later and told her I loved her free spirit, which is true, even while I didn’t understand it.

Anyway, now the list is made, the costs are known and the real fun can begin! Well, once Terry has a day off. Which isn’t any time real soon but maybe I’ll learn how to install a toilet.


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3 Responses to list listy list list lists of lists and a whole book of them

  1. Bella Rum says:

    i’m a lover of lists, too… and my mouth is still hanging open over that $500. bathroom update. hope photos are involved.

    • rootietoot says:

      I was stunned too, my guess was more like $1500. Pictures will definitely happen, as soon as we get to it. Terry’s current work schedule may mean I get to learn how to install a toilet!

  2. Nichole says:

    I love making lists. Getting Things Done is another question altogether.

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