a perfect day so far.

This morning I got everyone up at 6:30 and announced we were going to the beach. Tybee Island is about an hour and 20 minutes drive from Statesboro, and worth the trip. It’s not as high-falutin’ as Hilton Head 30 minutes north, nor as Springy-Breaky-Collegey-in-thong-suity as Myrtle Beach or Jekyll Island. It’s fat-womeny-in-skirty-swim-suity. It’s skinny leathery old guys with metal detectors and bosomy old women rubbing zinc lotion on each other’s backs. And these 2 dudes who seemed to think surfing would be a good idea. Well, to their credit they were with the YMCA Summer Surf Camp for Kids and had to make the best of it considering the ‘surf’ on the beach is a solid..hm…18 inch swell. But, they were all about the enthusiams and rah-rahs for the kids with their bandanas and shouts of “gnarly dude!! Radical!!” More power to them, they seemed to be enjoying that group of 20-odd 11 yr olds.

It was hot- 95 degrees, and the water was cool. CJ came along and kept up with #4 so I could stroll the beach with Loaner Girl and look for shells. The 2 boys kept hurling themselves into the waves and developed quite the red-belly from smacking into the water. Loaner Girl was her peaceful self, sitting at the edge of the water, looking quite a bit like a mermaid in the surf with her curly brown hair pulled into a low pontytail. CJ tried hard to look cool for the lovely young women who’d jog past, and I didn’t have the heart to embarrass him by pointing out his plaid underwear sticking out the top of his swim suit. When we got in the car later he sighed and bemoaned his baby face that makes him look like he’s 12. Which he has but the broad shoulders and rawther muscular phyz kinda don’t look 12 at all. But one look at the face and yeah…especially since he shaved this morning.

I loved sitting on the beach, watching the kids mess around in the water, feeling the heat and sun on my skin and sand in my toes. I closed my eyes and laid back for a minute, and thought of all the stuff I was feeling thankful for, starting with the sun, sound of the surf and kids playing. The sky was crystalline blue, punctuated by pelicans and seagulls. Silly little sandpipers were poking in the sand looking for those tiny white crabs. A man was tossing his boy around in the water, boy squealing and laughing “do it again!!” while his mother said “I am not watching this.”

I thanked CJ for coming along, it was nice having him with us. Not just to share the kid-watching responsibility, but simply that he was there. then he got stung by a jellyfish and we got out of the water. I didn’t even think to bring vinegar with us, and the lifeguard didn’t have any at the station, so he kinda had to suffer for a bit. But fortunately, it happened right about the time we were wanting to go, and it wasn’t a horrible sting, kind of a stipe across his ankle, and he’s ok now.

Anyway, it felt like a perfect day, and I am content. (no pictures, I forgot to charge the camera and the ones I took with the phone all have a thumb in the middle of them)

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One Response to a perfect day so far.

  1. Bella Rum says:

    this was so satisfying to read. filled up with summer… the part of summer that’s fun and lighthearted and creates great memories, not that other sickeningly hot and humid summer that sucks the very life out of you.

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