24 years ago today

Terry and I got married. The ceremony was in my parent’s front yard with the daylilies and hostas blooming, oak leaf hydrangeas and pots of white chrysanthemums. We had a casual wedding. No fancy music, just a couple of friends who were really good with guitars. “Play something classical and Bach-ish” I told them, and they did…it was lovely! No fancy satin and crystals dress, but rather a 1920’s garden party dress, ankle length and cotton batiste, just a touch of lace at the hem and neck. Terry wore a navy blazer and khaki pants and a tie. A bouquet of daisies…no roses, lilies or fancy imported South American thingies. The reception involved a cake, a bowl of punch and a tray of fruit. And cheese straws. I love cheese straws and so does Terry so it was kind of required. The entire wedding cost…hold on, it’s so self indulgent…$500. That includes the rehearsal dinner (BBQ chicken etc, that Terry and I cooked for everyone).

I think it’s interesting to watch these Platinum Wedding shows where someone spends $800K on a wedding, months traveling all over trying to find The Right Dress, stressing out, all that. It took my mom and me about…45 minutes. I knew the dress I wanted, and Mom made it. I knew the flowers, and walked into the shop, told them what I wanted and they agreed. Same with the cake and food and music. God provided the weather, with a rainstorm at 4pm that cooled everything off so that late July ceremony outside was delightful. Even the birds cooperated.

Sometimes Terry asks if I wish I’d had a big fancy affair. I think about it and no, not really. Oh sure there’s the whole Princess Thing and who doesn’t love a gorgeous dress? But practicality takes hold and the thought of spending $5K on a dress I’d wear once for a couple of hours…no. Just…no. I feel just as married with my front yard affair as I would with a big fancy church thing.

I remember Dad griping about how much it all cost. $500!!1! that’s a heckalotta money, people!! He complained and made sounds like “damn, I sure am glad I only have one daughter” etc etc. Then my brother got married. With 6 bridesmaids and groomsmen and all the accoutrements, and the rehearsal dinner ran over $2500. 5 times what he paid for my entire affair. Terry pointed that out to him and told Dad to shut it with the complaining about the cost of my wedding, and he hasn’t said a complaint about it since.

I’ve never had a single day when I wasn’t thankful I married the man. . I can’t imagine anyone else in the bed next to me, or anyone else fixing the dishwasher or holding my hand when I’m having a baby, or snoring on the couch during a Sunday afternoon race. The past 24 years have gone by fast. In a way it seems like I’ve been married to him my entire life..well, half of it for sure. Other times it feels like about a year ago that we met and decided to get married. There’s alot of experience crammed into that year, but it’s gone by in a hurry.

We were married on a Sunday evening. We left after the ceremony in my royal blue 1970 Beetle, with a 12 foot kelly green canoe strapped on top. The honeymoon was several days at Lake Martin, in the funky little house of my parent’s friends. It had no air conditioning (Alabama in July…) but it had a great big lake with a beach and islands and an outside shower and trees all around and no one else there…just 2 young 20’s newlyweds with a 12 foot canoe. (I had just turned 21 and Terry was 22). We planned to honeymoon for a week, but lack of air conditioning (Alabama in July!) and an intense desire to start playing house cut it short, and we came home to our small (air conditioned) apartment (which we did NOT live in together before we married. So retro!) and got ourselves established as a household.

Now it’s a quarter of a century (almost) later, 4 kids 3 houses and 5 jobs later and we’re stil going strong, looking forward to the next 25 years…or 30…or more.


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4 Responses to 24 years ago today

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I can’t believe how much weddings cost now. It’s so over the top. I always think of John Kennedy Jr. having only 40 guests at his wedding. If it’s good enough for Jackie’s boy… Of course, the bride’s gown was a mere $40,000. I guess that kinda ruins my point. Anyway, I enjoyed hearing about your wedding. Simple, reasonable, and lovely. Who could want more. Oh, yeah… and Mr. Right showed up!

  2. Kathryn says:

    My you continue to be blessed with love. So happy for you both!

  3. A little late to the party, but congrats! I so admire those of you who successfully weather a marriage for the long term.

    Hell, I can’t manage a relationship for a YEAR!


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