Sometimes they tax me…

No, it’s not about the gummint, tho they tax me too, in a variety of ways. This time, yes, it’s about (guess what!) the kids.

I love my kids. All 4 of them. Really I do. They’re good things, generally. Healthy, intelligent and insightful (relatively), they make up their own minds about stuff…which is generally good even when they make their minds in directions I wouldn’t necessarily choose.

There, having said that, now I can complain.

Will and CJ are wanting to get started with their post-secondary education. Will wants to start at the 2 year college and CJ at the technical school. But i swear it’s like pulling teeth. They’re both grown-ish men. The ought to be taking themselves here and there, filling out the forms, showing up fr the tests (neither of them took the SAT so they’re having to take the Compass Exam- kind of an SAT-Lite for non-university types. That’s not to say it’s a simple little thing, it’s still got the algebra, which will be a sticking point for Will, and the reading comprehension, and CJ dislikes reading (tho comprehension isn’t an issue) and neither of them likes doing anything they don’t want to do. They’re going to have to get over that. I haven’t yet heard of a job on this planet that doesn’t involve something the person doesn’t enjoy.

Anyway, I have spent this week driving them to the various places, filling out forms, paying a fee here, talking to people there, finding rooms…and niether of them have taken the tests yet. Will’s nervous about it, 4 years out of school and he hasn’t taken a test in that time. CJ isn’t so nervous, he’s still fresh but he HATES dealing with people and secretaries so wanted hand-holding and then he forgot his ID and couldn’t take the test at his appointed time so I’ve got to call and make another appointment because *he* doesn’t want to deal with it. And Will is nervous. I’ll probably have to drive him the hour to Swainsboro to take it. once the hurdles are jumped and all, he’ll do it, I hope. I hope. I worry a little that he’ll sign up for classes and decide not to go. That would be money flushed down the toilet.

I want to see them both in school, taking classes, moving forward, moooooving forward. push…shove…whatever it takes.


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3 Responses to Sometimes they tax me…

  1. Bella Rum says:

    This is all good. Really.

  2. They’re still kids in a good number of respects, but it’s definitely the time to have them break out and take responsibility for themselves.

  3. Keep pushing. They’re almost there…..
    xo jj
    PS Stop by, I’m having a new blog giveaway

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