Phleud’s a good one, as cats go. He doesn’t jump on our heads at 2 am (glaring at Gracie), he doesn’t stand outside the bedroom door at midnight and yowl that Chinese Opera Siamese Cat 2-minute-no-breath yowl (glaring at Gracie). remind me tonight, please, to put Gracie in the game room so she can yowl all she likes and not disturb us. Anyway, Phleud. He’s biggish, lazy (not even -ish. there’s no -ish to his laziness. It’s pretty epic, actually), laid back, did I mention he’s lazy? O yes.

Case in point: This morning, let’s call it 30 minutes ago, he was making this chuckling noise so I looked up and there he sat, in the middle of the office floor, watching a little vole run around in circle. Those voles don’t hardly have eyes and it couldn’t see that there was a predator about 100 time it’s size sitting there watching it. Sitting there. Watching it run in circles and snoop aorund with it’s pointy litte vole-schnozz. Did I mention the Predator was just Sitting There.

I thought to myself “there’s a vole running around in the office.” Phleud looked over at me with a look on his face that said “Dude…there’s a vole running around in the office.” So, I said “Dude, catch the vole. You’re a Predator.” Phleud looked at me with confusion and said “Dude, there’s a vole running around in the office.” So I said “Dude, catch the vole. You’re a Predator.” more confusion.

*sigh* So I got a plastic bowl and dropped it on top of the vole. Then I tried to slip the lid under the vole and failed, and it let out a strange little squeak, and promptly disappeared under the desk, behind the file boxes and I decided I hadn’t had enough coffee to get on my knees and plunder under the desk.

I waited a bit, and here comes that silly little vole again. Blind, with short little legs it ambled around the office like one of those wind up toys that has wheels and an unpredictable path. I dropped the bowl on it again. Phleud looks at me and says “Dude.” This time I slipped a manila folder under the vole and the bowl, quickly flipped it over and now I had it.

Pretty little thing, tiny beady eyes and a flexible nose, shiny pewter colored coat and wee little short legs with a stump of a tail. It did not seem terribly disturbed about being in a bowl. Phleud lost interest once it was in my possession.

Naturally, I took a picture.

Then I tossed it outside, under the holly bush. I do not kill small animals unless they’re fire ants or cockroaches. I reckon Gracie will eventually find it, kill it, and deposit it on our clean, white bed. Like she did with the baby rabbit, the cardinal and countless rodents.

Phleud will watch and say “dude…”


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2 Responses to Dude…

  1. SuperBee says:

    1) Your cats are beautiful. Phleud looks like my very first cat growing up, Pumpkin, and Gracie looks like my very first OWN cat that I got in 4th grade, named Rum. I do love the Siamese.

    2) That’s an adorable little vole.

  2. Beautiful cats! And that vole is a cutie too!

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