Vacation Week

Terry has the whole week off (wheee!) and i’ve put him to work. So far, he’s made a spice rack and another shelf for the hutch. There’s a couple more small jobs to do, but generally I’ve been letting him set the pace and decide what to do…or what not to do…how long to sleep, when to eat, all that. Vacation should be do-nothing, relaxed and full of…hm…as little as possible. Vacating and all, doncha know.

We aren’t humongous trip-takers. We’ve never much done the “load everyone in the car, go to Disney and stand in line with cranky children waiting to ride in teacups” Not big on beaches, either. I am fairly sure the boys feel deprived, and will take a couple of vacations when they have children and all, then they’ll understand why we don’t do them. I’m ok with that. Maybe they will really enjoy taking a car load of bickering children 100s of miles to stand in line in the heat and pay $20 for a cardboard hamburger. That will be their right. In our defense, we *have* taken them to Six Flags several times.

One of our dreams is to travel with grandkids. Terry wants to own an RV and drive the country, with grandkids, and see The Grand Canyon and the redwood trees and Yellowstone. I’d love that, too. We have friends who’s parents take the grandkids, one at a time, wherever they want to go, for their 16th birthday. I like that idea, too.

I want to travel on my own terms. Last year we took that trip on Route 66 and it was no-pressure. I hate having to be somewhere at a particular time, and doing something because it’s expected. I want to see what I want to see, not what someone tells me I need to see or someone else’s interpretation of *whatever*. That means NO Disney. NO Busch Gardens. MAYBE one day we’ll go to WeekiWachi Springs and look at mermaids, but not likely.

Next year will be our 25th anniversary. Terry is already making plans to take an extra week off around vacation time, and we’re going to travel a bit more of Route 66. Possibly we’ll fly to Amarillo, drive the route to San Diego, and fly home. However, the wisdom of driving through Death Valley in mid July is questionable. So we’ll see.


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  1. SuperBee says:

    I was just at WeekiWatchie over Memorial Day! 🙂

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