We all have a weakness

Some women have 500 pair of shoes. Some people can’t pass a bookstore without buying a volume or two. Some buy music, some can’t pass up a clever t-shirt and have a dresser full of them.

I can’t pass up fancy food. Not restaurant stuff, tho that has it’s place. It’s ingredients I love. The foundation of an incredible meal. A crazy pasta shape, a peculiar grain previously unheard of, a cheese.

O the cheese. I love the cheese.

Today, early right after getting up I was considering our planned trip to Atlanta for later in the week, and looked at Terry, saying to him “Could we go to Atlanta today? I can’t stand waiting all week and if we go today I can load up on ingredients and cook interesting things for you all week” He thought that was a fine idea and so we did.

We bought Cheese.

The Dekalb Farmer’s Market carrys 300 varieties of cheese, from 1 yr old gouda to freshly made 1 day old cream, and Lord knows what camel/sheep/goat/buffalo cheeses. If a cheese can make it past my nose I will probably like it. So. Typically our method is to buy 2 or 3 cheeses we know we love, and that are utterly unavailable in Statesboro. Terry loves sage derby, I love cabra de pimentao. We both love the soft Vermont goat cheese. I am nuts for dill havarti. This time we got 2 cheeses never tried: Harlech somerdale and a layered Hunstman double gloucester/Blue stilton.

Be hereby informed: Harlech somerdale is probably the finest straight-up eating cheese I’ve ever had.* It’s soft and buttery, you can spread it like cream cheese and it has the flavor of munster and butter mixed together AND it’s seasoned with just a touch of horseradish. YUM y’all!

*so sayeth T.Dodd, that means it’s true.

Other than the cheese, we loaded up on spices, grains, funky pasta, that madagascar double bourbon vanilla I love and adore (last time I didn’t buy the stuff it was $30 for an 8 oz bottle and I was all um. no. but this time it was $10 and since we’d decided not to stay the night I had $100 more to spend on food which TOTALLY justified the madagascar vanilla O yessss)

Then we were discussing where to put all this largesse, since my pantry is inadequate yet I cannot control myself. Terry suggested that we make better use of the space I do have by getting containers for everything and I opined that I love quart Ball jars. Love them. I can see through them, they hold the right amount of most everything. And they’re cheap. So, we swung by StuffMart and bought a dozen each quart (for grains) and half pint (for spices), 3 2-quart, and 4 1.5-quart (all they had) glass jars with screw on lids. YAY! Tomorrow will be spent rearranging and consolidating and putting to good use Terry’s organizational and efficiency skills. And I will have clear jars with pretty pretty grains like black rice and purple barley and red wehani and red quinoa all lined up PLUS he’s going to FINALLY make that spice rack I’ve wanted so that will free up space in the pantry O I love living with a man who can do things!


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5 Responses to We all have a weakness

  1. deedee says:

    Fun! We went to the mall (Washington Mall, not shopping mall). It is always a good program but please after *however many* years can’t they find something other that “Proud to be an American” song to sing all day? Someone please write a new patriotic song!

    Please post pictures of the shelves and jars!!

  2. Terry says:

    Oh my gosh was the cheese good! And I have an excuse to make sawdust tomorrow!!

  3. Kathryn says:

    I am so getting some of that cheese the next time I’m at DFM. I am, luckily, close enough that I get there atleast a couple of times a month. It’s one of my all time favorite places. LOVE it!

    I was posting to ask that you post a picture of your new spice rack and the jars… sounds like a great idea. I may have to copy you!

    Have you decided what you’re cooking for your guests this week? If you’re doing American, I’ve been craving country fried steak and gravy… sounds like good single dad fare to me.

  4. rootietoot says:

    The cheese seems best at room temp. It’s not bad straight from the fridge, but the flavor is better and it’s softer when it’s warm. I’ve had to threaten a child with bodily harm if he eats it all.
    Spice rack photo soon.
    The food…I’m thinking fresh garden stuff like squash and tomatoes with something greasy and appealing such as fried chicken. Haven’t decided yet. Might cop out with hamburgers.

  5. Somerdale says:

    Hey we’re glad you liked the Harlech. Come by our new website to see other products you can find in Whole Foods, Dekalb Farmers Market and a whole load of other stores. My personal favourite is the caramelised onion… Melt that on some toast mmm

    All the best,

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