A project in the works

So, yesterday I watched Julie and Julia, that movie about Julia Child and a woman in 2002 who decided to spend a year working through Mastering The Art of French Cooking and blogged about it. I thought…What a great idea! Not the bit about trying to become a writer and getting published and all, but the bit of taking a world renowned cookbook, and working through it, learning techniques (she was terrified of learning to bone a duck ,and saved it for last) and all. I want to do that. Not that cookbook, French cooking doesn’t really interest me,but the whole idea of getting a humongous and comprehensive cookbook and going all the way through it in a year…awesome!

So, thinks I, which cookbook? I look on the shelf and have The Joy of Cooking (hmmm. no) and The Cook’s Best (a great resource, but no). There’s Mediterranean Street Food, but I am not sure a year of souvlaki and lambs testicles would make anyone happy, and lambs balls aren’t in ready access in Statesboro, Ga.

The one thing about the Julie in the movie, she lived in New Yawk City…when meant she could find a raw duck if she wanted to. Not so much, Statesboro Ga. So I’m thinking I’ll need to stick to an Amarican Cookbook. But who? I want a particular author, someone with cache’ and years and yeards of experience. not Bobby Flay. not Mario Batali (tho I like his orange clogs). Alton Brown’s kinda nice and he’s from Atlanta, highly in his favor. But no…I want an OLD GUY.

I know! James Beard! YEAH! So, I went to Amazon to peruse the selction of something like 75 cookbooks he’s written and settled on a used copy of The New James Beard ($8 vs the $30 for a new copy since it’s out of print…I love Amazon). 625 pages and 2.4 pounds of recipes. “1000’s of recipes” it says. I figured an American cookbook would be more likely to call for ingredients I can find. I don’t know what I am going to do if something calls for truffles or caviar. Maybe go to Savannah. That will have to be figured out when the time comes.

And yes, I am going to blog about it, but not here. It will be at Rootie’s Kitchen. I’ll let you know when the cookbook arrives and I get started on the project.

And no. I am not interested in a book deal or fame, it’s just a great idea to expand the cooking expertise.


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2 Responses to A project in the works

  1. I love this idea!!!!

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I’ll be reading along.

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