ICK! Ewwww! Ptui! phoo phoo…

So what has me all grossed out? A bad can of tuna. I wanted tuna on crackers for lunch. And now I’m all skeeved.

See, several years ago I opened a can of tuna and took a bite. EEEWWW it was not a good can. So I quit buying that brand and started getting the pricier stuff. And all was well in my culinary world.

until today, when I opened my can of whole albacore tuna packed in water, planning for a tasty and light lunch of tuna with some hot sauce on crackers. Only, that first bite…gaahhhhhhh.

There’s not alot nastier than bad tuna. So, naturally, I fed it to the dogs. Which means, I deduced retrospectively, that in a couple of hours they’ll all start farting bad tuna gas and I’ll have to banish them to the outside for a while. Even now, 10 minutes later, they’re laying in the floor, gurgling ominously.

I don’t ask for much, really. Simple things are good. Tuna and hot sauce on crackers. A glass of Coke. Clean sheets on the bed. All these things are pleasant. But when something goes wrong, when the Coke is flat or the tuna is rancid, I get annoyed and start waiting for more bad things to happen. For the netflix movie to be cracked or the belt to slip off the lawnmower halfway through cutting the front yard.

What annoys you, when it goes wrong?


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One Response to ICK! Ewwww! Ptui! phoo phoo…

  1. SuperBee says:

    When my power gets shut off. ; )

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