Menus for two

Well, now it’s just Terry and me. Dad called last night and said he’d taken #4 in for a haircut (dad has a deep and abiding aversion to messy hair, and 4’s was quite so) and all was well there.

This morning, as we sipped our coffee, I discussed the weeks menus with Terry. Thursday is Grocery Buying Day. He said he’s too hot when he gets home to eat anything heavy, let’s just have salads all week. SO! I love a good challenge, and coming up with a weeks worth of many varied salads is a challenge. Thanks to FoodNetwork and Epicurious I now have a week (well, minus the 2 days Terry has work stuff to do that evening, and church Sunday) of salads.

Tonight: Emeril Lagasse’s Steak Caesar Salad
Tomorrow: Terry’s barbequeing for all 3 shifts at work He (and othrs) believe it’s important for the management to cook a meal for the hourly workers and serve it to them a couple of times a year. Good for morale, and he’s right. I’ll probably eat a bowl of cereal.
Saturday: Tuscan chicken sandwich
Sunday: it’s 4th Sunday, that means Potluck lunch after church! Yay! I’ll make a platter of deviled eggs.
Monday: Thai noodle salad Instead of regular linguine I’ll either use banh pho (wide rice noodles) or a buckwheat udon, to be decided. They taste very different from each other, but both would make a tasty salad.
Tuesday: Mexican style roasted corn salad (company coming) with fajita chicken. My own recipe: roasted corn, red and green peppers,green onions, chickpeas in a cumin and cilatro vinagrette, serves with thinly sliced seasoned chicken and toasted tortilla chips (semi-homemade)
Wednesday: Terry has his Statesboro Mafia meeting, I’ll probably eat a bowl of cereal.

What are your favorite recipes when it’s hot?


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5 Responses to Menus for two

  1. Nichole says:

    My favorite recipe when it’s too hot to cook is Going to a Restaurant. Sadly, I don’t get to make that very often. I love a good tuna-macaroni salad when it’s horrible outside.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    my daughter-in-law gave me the recipe for a chickpea salad that we enjoy and we like that manpower salad with all the veggies and the sweet and vinegary dressing and there’s another salad i make that has mixed field lettuces, mandarin oranges, walnuts, crumbled blue cheese and a raspberry vinaigrette.

  3. On hot nights, I get a roasted chicken from the market, a good loaf of bread, some cheese and fresh tomatoes– Then we make sandwiches. It’s easy and the kitchen doesn’t heat up. That doesn’t exactly qualify as a “recipe” but it’s easy and the chicken goes into a salad the next night.

    THANKS for the recipe links. I’m checking them out.

  4. JerseyChick says:

    Japanese Salad, with cabbage, shredded chicken, and Ramen noodles. That Tuscan Chicken Sandwich is looking pretty awesome, though…

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