#4’s at the grandparent’s for the next 6 weeks.

Dad and I discussed firearms. I showed him the Colt I want, and the etching, and he said he’d love to tool me a holster to match, but I’d have to leave the gun with him so he can form it to the gun. I’m ok with that. He just wants to shoot it but is too old school gentleman to say it. Mom thinks I’m nuts for wanting to spend $2500 on a pistol but honestly, I’d totally rather have that than a ruby ring.

Dad’s going to teach #4 to drive (a tractor) and back it with a trailer. Also parallel park, with and without a trailer. He’s going to teach him knots as well. And how to shoot turtles in the pond (different technique from target shooting) with the .22 rifle and his Ruger pistol. Mom’s going to use him to pick blueberries (bumper crop this year) and I suggested she appeal to his mile-wide charitable streak (that kid will give away his last dollar) by letting him take them to the food bank. He’ll do it, too. They’re also going to take a trip to Texas, to see Eli’s great-grandmother. He’s nuts about her, and she is about him, always sending him recipes and such. Eli isn’t like other kids where old people and nursing homes are concerned. He’s happy to be there, always finds some old War veteran to tell a story to him, or someone who keeps a pocketful of peppermints to pass out.

I’m going to miss him, it’s going to be weird to be at home completely alone all day from 6 am to 6 pm, and to cook for just the 2 of us. Terry has allowed that sometime the week of the 4th we’ll go to Atlanta for a couple of days, take in a sight or two, eat some dim sum, and raid the Dekalb Farmers Market, see if they have Westphalian ham and hunter’s sausage. I’m looking forward to that.

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