Today is SOSAD. I did not know it was SOSAD, but since it’s supposed to be every June 21,perhpas I’ll remember it for next year and stock up.

SOSAD is Strangely Orange Snack Appeciation Day.
These are my favorite Strangely Orange Snacks:
nacho cheese Doritos
crunchy Cheetoes (puffy if I’m in the mood, but usually the crunchy ones)
those orange slices candy, the gummy things with the sugar on the outside
orange jello with mandarin oranges in it
orange juice with mandarin Absolut vodka in it
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, it must be Kraft, no other, cheaper, variety will do.
extra sharp cheddar cheese, I am pretty sure it’s not naturally that color but I’m ok with that.

what’s your favorite Strangely Orange Snack?


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5 Responses to SOSAD

  1. Number Two says:

    Grapefruits are a strange shade of orange, do they count?

  2. Sour cream and cheddar ruffles. Do those count?

  3. Stone Fox says:

    puffy cheetos

    tiger ice cream

    mac n cheese.

    probably in that order, too, is how i would eat them.

  4. Bella Rum says:

    i love crunchy Cheetoes… love them! and mac and cheese and orange sherbet, and Crush orange soda… oh, and pimento cheese spread. yeah. that’s it.

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