whoof y’all

I stepped outside briefly this morning, with the intention of perhaps doing something mildly productive, but stood there for a minute and decided not to.
Then I got on (ok this is ridiculous. my shift button is sticking and it’s making it near impossible, without some cursing, to do capitals and certain things like parentheses, so you’ll just have to forgve the errors) weather.com and it says our humidity is 98%. i believe it. the temp is only (apparently) 79 ‘but feels like 81’ and they’re predicting a high of 96, which is nearly 10 degrees cooler than it was a week ago! break out the sweater’s y’all, we got a cold snap coming!! welcome to summer. ahuh.

the heat has the fleas going nuts. what was i thinking having all these pets? that i’d have no fleas? so, i’ve set up traps everywhere. the house got flea bombed a couple of days ago, and now with the traps i’m hoping to get the stragglers and bomb resistant ones. here’s what you do: you set a low dish of water, with a few drops of flea shampoo in it, on the floor. then you put a lamp over it with the bulb down low close to the water. the fleas are attracted to the light and warmth of the lamp and hop to it, falling in the water and then they die. it actually works! so now all the lamps that are the right type are on the floor with dishes of soapy water.

not this Flea, but another kind

the dogs got flea baths yesterday, and i am looking for a good vacuum that will work on wood floors, something with a detachable hose so i can use it in windowsills etc. i do not want a super expensive dyson so don’t recommend that. i want one that’s less that $100, preferably the bagless kind and i’d be fine with the canister type tho the upright type is ok as long as it has a hose thing as well. i need a vacuum tho, because that’s the best way to get fleas. you can suck up some flea powder first, then go to it. do any of you have a good remedy (that is cheap) for flea issues?

this flea does not interest me.

What i’d really love is to be able to give the critters comfortis, but adding it all up means $100 a month for the stuff…eh…no. capstar is cheaper, but it’s good for 24 hours. it kills the adult fleas on the animal but not the eggs/larvae. comfortis works for a month, so it gets the adults, then the ones that pupate, hen the eggs go to lavae which pupate within the month so it gets them too. I suppose i could give the animals capstar once a week but it’s not meant for that and there’s no telling what it would do to their livers etc. so instead, i give them a once a week flea bath, and have little dishes of water with desk lamps all in the floor around the house. i have no plans to entertain, so it’s ok.

anyway, terry and cj are on their way to macon, to see about cj buying a truck. At first i was going to go, then terry wanted to go too, which meant #4 would need to go and cj was all ‘uh uh, no it’s not a family event’ so then it was back to just me going even tho terry took the day off and i said why don’t i go and you stay home and take the day and then i think cj got nervous about maybe something going wrong with the truck on the way home which i would be completely worthless when it came to fixing it on the side of the road so then he asked if terry would go so now i am at home with eli and the 2 of them are on their way. which is fine. it’s quality time for the 2 of them, i hope. cj took my phone so the 2 of them could talk on the way home even tho my phone is pink and will give cj cooties if he uses it. better to be safe than sorry, right? they ought to be home, Lord willing and the truck runs ok, by 4. i suggested that terry throw a tow chain in, just in case, and he agreed that was an excellent idea. i hope it all goes well. cj has an additional $150 for gas, which is probably what it will take, as the truck he wants gets 8 mpg and it’s about 200 miles…let’s see…8 mpg, 200 miles…10 mpg would mean 20 gallons of gas, times 2.60 per gallon equals…um…$52…ok not so bad…but if he goes ahead and fill up the tank, and it’s got 2 20 gallon tanks that’s 40 gallons so it would be $104 for a fill up. yikes. oh well, it’s his money.

this is the truck cj's looking at

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