the beast

first off, my shift button isn’t working, so there will be no caps. pretend i have delusions of being e.e.cummings if it bothers you.

cj and terry made it back safely from macon, cj driving his newest aquisition, a 1985 chevy silverado k-20 4×4 truck. it is a beast, and exactly what i have always imagined him driving. long bed, single cab with a 400 engine put in by the last owner. the stock 350 was mistreated and blew up. the 400 is a pontiac, not a chevy, that came out of a car that was abandoned at the body shop he worked at, so the engine mounts are somewhat…hm…improvised, and that means cj would be wise not to mudbog in it until he can beef them up a bit. of course, right now wisdom isn’t his strongest quality, but eh…it’s his truck, he can do with it as he pleases.

he said it needs a few adjustment. the carburator is set too rich, so it blows fuel and gets horrible gas mileage, but that is an easy fix. it needs new filters and probably belts, and a bit of body work but nothing major. the body is straight but there’s a deer-sized dent on the passenger side door. he’ll probably want to find a new door eventually.

at any rate, if he treats it gently until he can get the work done on it, it will be a fine truck for him. ugly as a mud fence, but big and hearty. i am not displeased.

while they were gone, #4 and i cleaned his room. it took 3 hours. threeeeee hourrrrrrs!!! but we went through it all, bagged up the clothes that no longer fit, to donate to goodwill, went through all the toys and threw out the broken ones, boxed up some to go to goodwill, sorted the rest into their respective containers. he was very mature about getting rid of things, i am proud of him. and now his room is spanking clean and will remain so for the 6 weeks or so that he’s gone to grandparent’s house. now the too-small clothes are gone, things are in their proper drawers, and the dried out magic markers are thrown away.

in other news, terry stopped at the county line, our local liquor store, and got me a bottle of absolut peppar. it makes a grand bloody mary.

rootietoot’s bloody mary:
2 oz absolut peppar vodka
2 shots tabasco
some worcestershire sauce
some low-sodium v-8 (in deeply dislike regular v-8 because it’s way too salty, but love the low sodium stuff)
stir well and pour over a glass full of ice.
if i’m feeling fancy i’ll rim the glass with tony cachere’s cajun seasoning
you know what’s great about a bloody mary? you can tell yourself it’s good for you, since it has vegetables in it. right? right.


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