Now what am I going to do?

Well…#4 is off to the grandparents early next week, for as long as they’ll have him…possibly until August. I’m happy for him, he’ll have a great time. Gran will put him to work picking blueberries, Gramps will take him fishing and teach him to shoot the .22. They’ll blow stuff up. Gramps is always looking for an audience when he blows stuff up and #4 loves doing it. I predict the potato cannon will get some use. Gramps will try to teach him to drive, the tractor, the utility cart, the MGB. They’ll have blueberry muffins/pancakes/jam/pie. Gran and Gramps have friends with swimming pools that will get some use.

And I…will be…Home Alone. What am I going to do?

Clean, and watch the house stay clean for several weeks.

Paint…a bedroom? a watercolor canvas?

Sculpt…an angel, a cartoon character, a dog, maybe play with that new liquid clear medium that you can use to make fairy wings and dragonfly wings. O the possibilities.

Cook…for 2. I have no idea how to do that. Suggestions, anyone?

Update the Netflix queu with all those things I want to watch but don’t want him to watch. Horror movies, things with sex scenes, that sort.

I had a taste of it while he was at camp, and missed him after 2 days. But he’s getting something I never had, time with his grandparents, a chance at a real relationship with them. Long term memories. I never had that, and I am really glad that he will.

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One Response to Now what am I going to do?

  1. “Clean, and watch the house stay clean for several weeks.” Sweet!!!!

    It’s so great #4 gets a whole summer with the grandparents. That is really priceless.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet!

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