Kinda blissing at the moment

Is bliss a verb? To bliss….blissing….well, it is now.
The morning was spent yarding. To yard…now that’s a verb as well. It means working in the yard, doing yard stuff. Pulling weeds initially. We have a brick patio which, while it looks nice much of the time, has the obnoxious habit of allowing weeds to grow between the bricks. “roundup!” it is said. And yes, I have from time to time but I also have kind of a…er…hm…NatureBaby GranolaHead sensibility and it causes a dislike of roundup (except when Florida Betony is involved then I’ll totally roundup b ecause man that stuff is ANNOYING) so I strapped on the kneepads Terry bought back in the day when he was laying new flooring and crawl around on the patio pulling the weeds. It looks nice when it’s done and I don’t have to wait a week for the roundup to work then have to deal with dead weeds. It’s alot more work than just spraying but what else is there to do, anyway?

Then, the patio looked so nice and the herb garden didn’t. So that got a weeding as well. Then I decided the mint looked a little…hmm…Vigorous, so that got a thinning and now there’s an entire truck load of weeds to go to the dump and get run through a chipper where they’ll use it somewhere for something. And it will all smell like mint bcause that’s how much there was. Lots and lots of mint. Mint likes Statesboro, the sandy soil lets it grow and grow and spread and spread and we get plenty of rain (like every night) and the mint loves it.

Then, looking at how nice the patio and herb garden looked, the lawn looked shabby, so I mowed. Front and back, after picking up fallen limbs and golfballs. The pinecones were ignored.They just get run over with the mower because it’s a pain in the butt to pick them up and if I did it would just signal the pinetrees to drop some more.

All that’s lacking now is to blow the patio and driveway clean. That results in right arm numbness for an entire day, so what has to be decided is if it should just be done and live with the numb and shake for the rest of the day (it’s kind of incapacitating), quit with the outside work afterward and read Gone With The Wind (Scarlett is annoyed with Rhett for making her look bad to Atlanta Society but is too mercenary to give up the green bonnet), or save the leaf blower for another day and have a functioning right hand and go do some sculpting. At this point it’s too hot to do anything outside, and the shower of the day has been taken (Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap, y’all, after yardwork it’s like taking a swim in a cool creek).

And…David is in the driveway, washing his car and giving Turtle wax a go in the hopes that it will do something about the sun faded bits on the roof and hood. Except that right now he’s actually in the pool because the car needs to dry after it’s bath before he can wax it. #4’s in the pool as well, happy to have someone to splash around with. CJ is in his room, trying on the clothes we (translation: “I”) bought for him yesterday. I’d promised him new clothes if he graduated. The good news is, he found a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt at TJMaxx for $30 instead of the $70 they normally cost. While a big part of me gagged at paying $30 for a polo shirt, I decided since it was the very last time I’d ever buy clothes for him and I was only going to buy one instead of the 4 he’d picked out, and all the other shirts were $6, I said ok. So now he owns a Polo shirt. I remember being 18 and wanting just one name brand thing with a logo (it was Izod back in the day), so I caved. O well. I justified it because he wanted Dickies pants and at $18 a pair instead of the $40 a pair for less well made khakis at Belks, it felt like a bargain.

So, bliss is having a bunch of yard work done (minus the leaf blowing, which I suppose I could try to get someone else to do it but they wouldn’t do it right and I kind of enjoy it except for the hand numbness afterward), a big glass of iced tea sitting right there, the kid/adult offspring are around doing stuff, plans are made for supper (gotta make the dough in a bit: pizza) with a vague “maybe” from CJ about if he’ll be here and a definite “absolutely” from David. The only thing that could improve all this would be having Terry home instead of at work. but, him working today and tomorrow means he’ll be off Father’s Day and the week of the 4th…so I’m ok with it.


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One Response to Kinda blissing at the moment

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Funny how one thing leads to another, isn’t it? Sounds like you accomplished a lot. Mint grows like crazy here, too.

    My car could use a little wax. Sad.

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