Don’t you love it when things fall into place?

Ok, CJ graduated Yay! Now what do we do with him? He decided to move back to Statesboro and try to get into the local tech school. So, today Will and I drove the truck up there and got him and all his shi…er…stuff. Toolboxes, clothes, bedding, etc etc. We weren’t able to fit the oxy/acetylene bottles and the arc welder in, so another trip will have to happen later down the line. While on the way up, I pondered out loud the possibility of CJ moving in with Will and friends, since they are going to be renting a 5 br house not far from here (actually, about 300 yds through the woods/swamp, not far at all!). Will thought it was a fine idea! I didn’t expect that, in fact what I was figuring I’d hear was “Oh HELL no!” but…he’s ok with it especially since it will bring the individual rent down from $200/mo to $160/mo.

Alrighty then. CJ has housing (he’ll stay with us until the first of August, when everyone else’s current leases are up and they can move). now he needs a car, we’re going to check Craig’s List, and to get into school, they’re closed on Fridays so we’ll go in Monday to sign up, and to find a job, so he can eat and pay utilities. My agreement with him (and Will) is that as long as they are in school I’ll release (from their savings accounts that I have control over) $200 a month toward rent/living expenses. They’ll have to work to pay the utilities and eat.

(dusts off hands)

Will showed me the place they’re going to rent. It’s a big house, 2 stories built late 1950’s, on a 4 acre pond in the midst of 26 acres of woods. There’s probably 2 acres worth of grassy yard. Downstairs is a huge kitchen, dining room, living room and handicap accessible bathroom (roll in shower, etc), and a laundry room with no laundry machines. Vinyl floor throughout in good condition (grubby tho, the whole place needs cleaning). Upstairs are 5 bedrooms and a FILTHY bathroom. Nothing I haven’t see on “How Clean Is Your House” so I am sure a good scrub and some bleach will deal with it all. I am almost positive that under the gross stained carpet upstairs is hardwood, so I suggested he ask the landlord if they can remove the carpet. The windows have no screens, and are those louvered swing out windows, so any screens they get will have to be on the inside. Which is fine, they could make some with molding and a staplegun.

I think all the place needs is a good airing out, a couple of gallons of bleach and pinesol, and a weekend of scrubbing, and it will be a fine place for 4 20-something men to have barbeques, bonfires, and general young adult hangy-outedness.


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3 Responses to Don’t you love it when things fall into place?

  1. “…a couple of gallons of bleach and pinesol, and a weekend of scrubbing…” Please tell me someone other then YOU will be doing that 😉

    Congrats on CJ’s graduation and having a place to live. Woo-hoo. That’s big.


  2. Attila the Mom says:

    Congrats to the kid! Now what could go wrong? LOL Just kidding.

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