2 days left…

…of my vacation. *sigh* such a short thing it is. With Eli at camp I have these LONG days, 12 hours of discretionary time (I almost called it free time but it’s not, really).
So far I’ve:
done the week’s laundry
cleaned the house
got CJ’s room set up (he’s returning Thursday, hopefully temporarily)
worked on a commission sculpture

I have yet to:
get the spring garden cleared out and the summer stuff planted.( Alas, the lettuces and peas are done with. However, the first tomatoes are starting to ripen and there’s flowers on the eggplants and the peppers are about ready to pick.)
Weed the patio. Sigh. I think I’ll wait until after vacation to do that even tho it’s annoying me to look at. No one should have to pull weeds on vacation unless they absolutely want to.

I’m starting a Bible study at church this morning. We’re doing Proverbs. I’m a little nervous, because it’s a New Group of Women and that always makes me nervous. It’s like I’m going back to grade school and everyone seems to know everyone else except me and I hate going into a group like that but how else am I going to meet people? *sigh*

After the study ends (11:00) I am going to Savannah to do some serious food shoppery. Asian! Grains! Whole stuff! unprocessed! Probably will pick meself up an All Organic Tempeh Quinoa Spinach Vegan Wrap at the Granola-head food store, prepared with great sincerity by a young woman with dreadlocks held back by a handwoven Guatemalan scarf purchased through a Women’s Cooperative. Or…maybe not. we’ll see.


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