Dim sum

I want Asian food. Not the Americanized Chinese fried chunks o’ mystery meat w/sticky sweet sauce. I want the spicy stuff, the tidbits of dim sum, the congee with all the doodles on top, a sesame ball. I want Laab nuea and laab gai with sticky rice and spicy a jad. Satay and peanut sauce. And another sesame ball. All eaten at a place where we stick out like the culinary tourists that we are, where we have to ask for a fork (after ill fated attempts to use the chopsticks…we must practice, really) I want a spicy samosa with chili sauce and a big bowl of fish head curry. Right now it all looks good, and here in Statesboro, we’re pretty much limited to the fried chunks w/sticky sweet sauce. *sigh*

sesame balls

Maybe this summer while Eli is with the grands, Terry and I can make a trek to Atlanta and get some dim sum for lunch and head down to College Park for an amazing Thai supper at Zab-E-Lee. With a stop for a samosa at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market.

mmmmmtasty foooood

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2 Responses to Cravings

  1. We like the same kind of food. When I lived in San Francisco the Chinese food was the real, real thing and some of the best food I ever ate.

    Hope you find some good stuff soon.

  2. Melusine says:

    Come visit me in LA and we will have some fabulous dim sum together!

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