It Is done, every say with me: HUZZAH!

It’s done. I know it’s done because I was there and I saw it, every bit of it. The nerves before, the angst about the future, the nervous smile during the walk, and the *poof* disappearance afterward. As far as I know he had a party with his friends. He may yet be dead in a ditch picked by buzzards because I didn’t hear from him this morning before we left Madison, but he has my phone number,as do the people he was with. So if anything horrible happened, at least I know he did it with a high school diploma.

Obligatory semi-formal cap and gown picture

Nervous smile, during processional

See here, proof that is undeniable

And yes, I am really happy he finished up, did it the proper way, and is ready to step into the stuff we call full-on adulthood. He has no more excuses.


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7 Responses to It Is done, every say with me: HUZZAH!

  1. Susan says:

    Congratulation!!!! and Whew!!!!!! I’ve followed your roller coast ride. You just kept trying, and working and coming up with options. Way to go!

  2. Stone Fox says:

    he has the face of an angel. one look and i find myself thinking, “oh, just look at him. he can’t POSSIBLY be that much of a rascal.. he looks so innocent!”

    which completely explains why he is called the Teflon Man.

    • rootietoot says:

      Exactly. Everyone thinks we’re harsh and cruel until they’ve spent more than a couple of weeks with him, then they say “I don’t know how you did it.”

  3. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!! And he looks very handsome in his cap and gown!


  4. Congrats to CJ! Who is very handsome might I add 🙂

  5. Bella Rum says:

    I agree with Stone Fox – the face of an angel. He’s adorable. I’m so happy for all of you. What a great day! You and Terry deserve a lot of credit. Applause!

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