The Teflon Man

That’s Terry’s new name for CJ.

Ok, as described in the previous post, he’s graduating. He told me last night due to someone else’s (naturally) screw up, he owes money to the library for a missing book, and will not *actually* receive his diploma until that’s paid, but will still be able to walk in the graduation ceremony. OK fine with me. He gets paid on Friday (graduation day) and ought to be able to take care of it then. Whatever, I don’t care, it’s his situation to deal with and as long as he walks, I’m good.

Now, the Teflon Man. My worry was that after he graduates he wouldn’t have a job (unemployment is high there), wouldn’t have a place to live, etc etc. I wasnt’ deeply worried, because like I’ve said before, it’s Summer in North Georgia, not January in Minnesota. A little concerned, yes, but not horribly.

Why do I ever worry about him? Why? he always lands on his feet, something ALWAYS drops in his lap. Always.

Yes, he has a job, making $10 an hour, working outside (which he needs, inside work makes him miserable) doing heap big physical stuff. When he called to tell me he said “Mom, I have the shittiest job in the world. Literally. Guess what it is.” I have no idea, CJ. “no, Mom, guess…”


“I got a job cleaning septic tanks!”


“No, Mom, it’s great! I’m outside all day, I get to shovel shit, it’s hard work and I love it!”

Note to self: buy stock in Dial soap

Ok awesome, he’s got a good paying job doing the kind of physical labor he excels at. How does he get to and from work? He doesn’t have a truck yet.

“Mom, that’s what’s awesome. I’m working for H’s cousin, and they live right up the road. She picks me up in the morning and brings me home at night. She also said if the H’s want me to move out I can live in their garage apartment until I find my own place and get a truck.”


And yes, I am fully 50 pounds lighter. I quite honestly do not know what to do with myself, now that there is nothing serious to worry about with my kids.


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2 Responses to The Teflon Man

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Willow pond! Cooking school! See Rock City! Get the house ready to sell! Weed the garden! Hand Gladys McGuiltridden a coupla pina coladas and RELAX- you have earned it!

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