There’s never a guarentee.

I checked, and it’s official. My son CJ, the one whom caused angst and worry and I honestly had no idea, that one….

He’s Graduating. He passed all his finals, passed all his classes and has earned his high school diploma.

So what? some of you may say…

18 months ago he decided high school was lame and dropped out.

A year ago he decided maybe that was a bad idea.

10 months ago he moved in with his uncle 3 hours north.

9 months ago he started a the new school, with the understanding that he would have to take 2 extra classes on top of a full schedule in order to have the credits he needed to graduate.

Intensive daily prayer commences.

6 months ago he finished the extra-credit classes and decided he didn’t really need to attend regularly scheduled classes because fishing was good in Morgan County.

4 months ago it was announced that he was failing 2 courses, and if he stayed on this track he would not graduate.  He moved out of his uncle’s house and into a friend’s house, sleeping on the couch.

Daily prayer ramps up to 3 times daily

3 months ago he moved out of the friend’s house and into the house of the friend’s uncle, sleeping on the couch and occasionally in the pop-up camper in the back yard.

Prayer involves  more women, who pledge to pray daily for him.

2 months ago he was still failing.

1 month ago he was still failing, and I commenced to panicking.  His 2 older brothers began a campaign of combined physical force (David, who punched CJ in the face then put him in a headlock until he swore he’d do the missing work and bring up the grades) and experiental indoctrination (Will, who didn’t graduate on time and knows the ramifications) to coerce CJ into getting his shit together. I concocted a plan involving bribery.

More prayer

10 days ago I checked his grades and saw he was still failing one class due to failure to turn in a project, and that even a 100% on the final exam would not bring the grade up to passing. Phone calls and threats of grievous bodily harm (from David) and intense disrespect (from Will) elicited promises of finishing the project and passing the class.


Then…the final exams.  In each class he now has a passing grade, and needs no better than 50% on the finals to pass the classes.

He passed them all, and even brought the 2 lowest grades up by 5 points thanks to the grades on his finals.

He passed, and will graduate Friday night, should he survive the next few days.

You have NO idea the amount of relief I am feeling right now. Ok maybe you do…but still…

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One Response to There’s never a guarentee.

  1. That is the GREATEST NEWS!!!!! Phew. I’m so happy for you and him.
    High Fives!

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