She has a covetous heart.

Well, ok maybe not. It’s my understanding that coveting something means more than just wanting it, it also implies that you don’t want the person who has it to have it, like, you see someone driving a 1969 Chevelle convertible and you have bad feelings toward that person and want to take the Chevelle away from them and have it for yourself. No, I don’t feel like that about anything. If someone has something I want, generally I am fine with them having it, but I might want one like it for myself. Unless I see them mistreating it, like painting it a foul color or treating it poorly.

Anyway. I made a mistake yesterday. I went to the J. Peterman catalog. I love their women’s clothes. LOVE THEM. I hadn’t looked there in years because they only carried stuff up to a size 16, and me being somewhat more than a 16, had decided there was no point. However, I am on the north side of 16 now, heading south so I decided maybe once I hit 16 I could reward myself with a dress or something.
So a visit was in order and guess what. They carry size 18 now. Which is where I’m at.

And they have dresses and skirts and every good thing which caused deeply desirous emotional responses as in “TERRY! TERRY! LOOOK AT THIS! NOW!” and he did and said

“Wow…that would look perfect on you”

Cotton madras

and ” That dress is YOU.”

linen-silk blend

and “That is a beautiful skirt”

Belle Epoque skirt, embroidered linen

If I had never looked, I would have been perfectly content. Now I am not content at all.


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8 Responses to She has a covetous heart.

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Yeah, but you’re still not covetous, because you’re not mad at the ladies who already have these GORGEOUS, YOU SHOULD BUY THEM dresses.
    J Peterman and that Creek place. Good designers.
    BTW, #1 made eggs for breakfast this morning, a la Rootie. TY!

  2. J. Peterman? I didn’t think that company was still around 🙂

  3. SuperBee says:

    I love reading those catalogs. I don’t know anyone who buys anything from it, but the art and the writing is awesome.

  4. Michelle says:

    You can buy one and reverse engineer it to reproduce like mad!

  5. Stone Fox says:

    gorgeous dresses!! i am coveting that skirt. LOVE that look.

  6. You have great taste in cloths– All are great choices. I’m not tall enough for the dresses but that skirt is very tempting…..
    Have a great week,

  7. Bella Rum says:

    Oh, do treat yourself. Love that skirt.

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