The West Wing

Last night I roped Terry into going to Lowes with me to look at flooring and paint for David’s old room, soon to be a reading room/library. The room is in the West Wing of the House. (ok…yes, it’s on the west side of the house and I supposed if I were Hyacinth Bucket I would grandify it into a Wing, but it’s actually a converted 2-1/2 car garage with a mud room and the former owner’s Porno Room-another story there- which we turned into a game room(the garage part) and David’s bedroom (the porn room) after calling the Episcopal priest from up the road to bless it and wave around some incense to exorcise the porn demons. ok not really but we did think about it).

Anyway, David used it, and the floor is all bunged up and needs replacing. We’re going to use the same slate-look vinyl tile (actually quite nice looking!) that we used in the game room, to kind of unify the whole Wing. At 88 cents a tile, we can do it all for about $150. I’m also painting the walls to coordinate with the floor. The color is called Iced Mocha and it’s a coffee-with cream sort of thing. The room is not huge, but has 10 foot ceilings, and since the furniture (all those bookcases and Terry’s gorgeous maple desk) are light colored, I thought a dark colored wall would suit. I am, however, going to only paint one wall to begin with, and move the smallest bookcase in to put up against it and see how it looks. I told Terry my plan this morning and he rolled his eyes. Ok fine. It’s a flippen $20 bucket of paint. not like that woman yesterday at Lowes who was buying $50 buckets of metallic paint for her daughter’s room. It’s all how you compare, ok? Plus I paid for it out of my money so don’t you roll your eyes at me, Mister.

I love putting together a room. We’re going to have a bookcase for all of Terry’s WW2 stuff, a shelf for the GI Joe collection, the airplane models, all those history books of his, a whole place just for his stuff. I’ll hang the Propaganda posters in there as well. Kinda make the whole thing *his* office only with all the books, not just his. I am NOT, however, going to do what that incredibly dippy designer on HGTV did that one time, and arrange the books by color. I will never forget the look on the face of the homeowner during The Big Reveal when he saw what she did with all his books. By color. Right. I reckon the only books she’d ever had were written by Dr Seuss.

So, today I may paint the room. Either that or clean the grout around our bathtub but I have a feeling painting may win out.


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3 Responses to The West Wing

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Come on- think how cutsie it would be if you also graduated the paint to match the book colors!! OK, how about smallest to largest books? By era?

    • rootietoot says:

      We are now thinking about removing a wall to make the room bigger. It would eliminate that weird litte pointless room you go through to get to the game room, and make for a BIG library type room. BIG and LONG, like 10 feet wide by 20 feet long. Terry is thinking about it. We’d have to remove the wall before the new floor is laid. We’d also have to put up new drywall, and I would want a storage closet for brooms, etc. No project is ever simple when Dodds are involved.

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