holding my breath

2 weeks until graduation. 2 weeks, that hold final exams, final projects, end of the year/decade/school experience. I am, frankly, nervous. Will he graduate? Won’t he? Nothing’s a given. Not even just 2 weeks out. I don’t even want to hope.

Today, however, I made up his graduation announcements. I put them in envelopes and addressed them, 25 in all, to relatives and friends. I am scared to mail them. What if he flips out and doesn’t finish? Just 2 weeks to go and I don’t have the assurance that he will actually do this thing nearly every 18 year old I’ve ever known has been expected to do.

I wanted to put a little card in the announcement that said “please email after May 25 for final confirmation” but i didn’t.

The ladies in my prayer group have been following the drama, offering reassurances that it will all eventually turn out as it should, and I believe them. I just want it to turn out the way *I* want it to


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