One a Day

Every now and then I get on a cleaning tear. The house reaches critical mass and I have to Do Something. Other than look at it, anyway. Now that we are down to 3 inhabitants, it doesn’t get as messy, well, in some of the rooms. At this point 3 of the rooms never get messy, and one of them has become the “place to put stuff that I don’t want to look at” and that needs dealing with. Stuff to Goodwill, to the trash, to be Dealt With, firmly and decisively. Donate! Donate!

David’s room is now empty with the exception of an ancient ocilloscope and a short wave radio with a broken antenna. Fix the antenna and we’ll be able once again to listen to Armed Forces Radio out of Germany and Brazilian soccer games (Tempo!Tempo!Tempo!), even tho we have no idea what the announcer is saying, he gets very excited. The room will soon be converted to a reading room. According to real estate gurus it cannot technically be a bedroom because there is not a full bathroom on the same floor. That didn’t stop David from sleeping there, but whatever. We have myriad bookcases all over the house, and are going to consolidate them into that one room, with a desk (Terry’s beautiful maple desk he made years ago. It’s huge, gorgeous and…gorgeous) and a comfortable chair (as yet unaquired). But first, the floor and walls need a good cleaning, and possibly a layer of paint. Right now they’re not a bad shade of hunter green, probably apropos for a library, but I need to think about it, and definitely need to decide before all the bookcases are moved in. Somehow we’ll get it all together and make it look nice, but I probably ought to watch some more HGTV for inspiration.

#4 is transitioning from boy to young man. His room needs to reflect that. Right now it is a bright blue that he chose (I think it was called Jimmy Neutron Blue) and he’s making noises about changing it up a bit. David left him several bits of Wall Art, Science Geek Style, in the form of posters of the periodic table of elements and a visual diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum. Add that to 4’s existing bits of Star Trek ship diagrams and such, I am sure we could come up with something a little more this and a little less that. Maybe a different color on the walls tho right now he says his favorite is orange and I am NOT painting the walls orange. I love you, son, but not that much. What colors should I let him choose from? I’m leaning toward neutrals, so that in the nearish future when we put the house on the market I won’t have to repaint. Maybe a tan.

Anyway, with this house cleaning/sprucing up tear I am enjoying, I like to break it into one room a day. That way I don’t get overwhelmed, and I can concentrate on just that room, give it my full attention and love, and have something to be satisfied with at the end of the day. Today, David’s room. Decisions on paint, cleaning, scrubbing the floor and walls, and since Will owes us some labor, I’ll rope him into helping move the books and bookcases a few days hence.



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2 Responses to One a Day

  1. JerseyChick says:

    It’s gonna look great- you’ve already proven your fine sense of style with the guest and sewing rooms!

  2. Nothing feels better than looking around a well cleans and spruced up room! Enjoy!

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