Savannah Scottish Games 2010

Pipe band! Serenading us melodiously

Yay! The weather was great- kinda warmish, I think,but the shady grounds of Bethesda Boy’s Home made it quite nice, plus there was a lovely breeze.
It’s nice that #4 is old enough now (at 11) that I can turn him loose and say “meet me by the Haggis stand in 2 hours” then I can go do my thing with the camera and watching the dancers and athletes and all the people, especially the men in the kilts because really, people, that’s what it’s kind of about. You don’t watch a NASCAR race to see cars go in circles. you watch it for the crashes. You don’t go to a Scottish games to listen to the music (I know, right!), you do it to see men in kilts, looking like men ought to look if it were a perfect world. ok with one exception. There was a guy there who made me kind of cringe as he somehow made a kilt look like a girl’s skirt. But other than that, yeah. ok, on to the pictures. I took many, but chose few.

Where the men are strong and the women are too

Dad, why birkenstocks?


56 pound weight hurled for distance

56 pound weight tossed for height

Sterling Bridge- a rock band with a bagpipe

World's smarted dog!

Competitive dancers

Towhead there marched right along behind the band

Kilts, ur doin' it rite.

kilt: ur doin it rong

It's the South, people, ok

Huge man, huge caber

and a good time was had by all.


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