Time to brag on my family…

…instead of complain about them.

Terry and #4 fixed breakfast (which I don’t eat, but Mom and Dad here here so Breakfast Must Happen. Plus it’s Terry’s job to make breakfast on Sunday). Cheese grits Southern Awesomeness. If you ever come here for a visit, we’ll make you cheese grits because they’re delicious.

Will came by before church as he was having car issues. Initially it was believed that his radiator was cracked, so Terry and Dad made plans to patch it with JBWeld to buy Will a couple of months to save up the $100 for a new one. However, upon observations, they determined that it was the water pump as well that needed replacement, causing Will a bit of financial angst and heartburn. Terry took him to work and we went to church. Then he spent the afternoon replacing the parts, and actually loving getting to do it. “it’s been a while since I’ve done something with my hands like this, it’s fun!”

David came by for the day, swearing up and down that he wasn’t hung over, just tired from being up all night “I only had 4 beers and 3 long island teas, Mom, I am not hung over” Ok son, whatever you say, I’m glad you’re here why don’t you take a nap on the couch.

CJ called, audibly hung over. “Prom was last night, Mom.” I asked if he had a good time. “I have no idea. I’m going to have to ask my friends.” Well, son, I’m glad you’re alive and breathing, and thanks for calling me. “Love you Mom, I’m going back to bed now.”

#4 hopped up and down and said I needed to open my present before we went to church. I said I’d rather wait until after. “No! You need to do it before!” Well, ok. So I did. OH! Awesome! A new Bible, and not just any old Bible, but a Note Taker’s NIV edition! See, I tend to write copious notes in the margins, wherever I can. And my old one…well…was falling apart, being held together with contact paper and duct tape. This new one (I had no idea such a thing existed) has every other page BLANK…for NOTES! awesomesauce! AND it has an elastic band to hold it closed AND it has a hard cover so the writing surface is rigid AND the spine is constructed so it opens completely. I was wildly impressed. So yeah, happy me.

THEN Terry said “dinner. It’s what’s for supper. A perfectly cooked ribeye steak, baked potato and a homemade CHERRY PIE! With enough left over I can have a slice for BREAKFAST this morning!

And this is why I have the best family in the world. Not because they’re perfect (they’re not) or because they shower me with thousands of expensive gifts (they don’t) but because they love me and aren’t afraid to say it. When your 20 and 22yr old sons leave facebook posts telling the world how much they love you, it’s like…all that shit from years past just goes away. When your hung over 18 yr old actually wakes up from his stupor long enough to call and say he loves you and appreciates what you’ve done for him…that warms me up. When your 11 yr old wants to make you a cherry pie and says “Mom, I want to make you a pie but have no idea how, can you help me?” Seriously…I can groove on that for weeks.


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2 Responses to Time to brag on my family…

  1. SuperBee says:


    I called my Mom yesterday and had to leave her a message (she was at yoga) and let her know how grateful I am for everything she does for me.

    When we finally did speak she said something to the effect of, “For me, Mother’s day is knowing that I have a fantastic relationship with both of my children.” AWWWWW!

    You’re a Mom. And your children are getting to the age where they actually have some modicum of appreciation for all you’ve done for them. And I know, with me anyways, that appreciation continues to grow, year, by year.

    And now I want to go home and hug my mom…

  2. All that and Cherry pie too!!!!! YOU are living right.
    Happy belated Mother’s Day.

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