How long can we make it last?

So, yesterday was OFFICIALLY my birthday, yes. Because Terry had Jury duty that (he thought) would last until 8-ish, I didn’t plan anything special for dinner. I wanted a steak, but didn’t want to eat it alone, plus firing up the grill for one steak seems particularly self indulgent…anyway. He wound up getting done by 4, the judge said “y’all will be back June 14 to finish this up, I don’t feel like being here until 8.” but David called and said “something’s come up, can I take you to dinner tomorrow instead of coming there tonight?” so that stretches the event over 2 days, so far. Then Will said “I have to work and can’t come, maybe you could come to a movie Friday, and I’ll get you in to see Iron Man” Whee! 3 days! Mom and Dad are coming to go to the Savannah Scottish Games on Saturday (Whee! 4 days PLUS men in kilts hurling impossibly heavy items!) And Sunday is Mother’s Day, and Geo3 has declared the mill will be SHUT DOWN that day which means Terry will be off! (Whee! 5 days!) I don’t see how we could stretch it further, but 5 days of Birthday, I can live with that. 😀
Since Terry got off jury duty Way early, he and #4 went out and got me a present (love presents! I do!): a nice metal bistro table and 2 chairs to go in the vegetable garden, so I have a place to sit and sip iced tea, maybe read a book, in the shade of an oak tree surrounded by vibrant veggies and blooming roses. How very…Southern.


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