Honeysuckle mornings

It rained all day yesterday, so the air is cool and clean. If you step outside on the front porch, you can smell the South. Honeysuckle, privet (aaCHOO!), ligustrum (aaCHOO! Bless me!), roses…all blooming their hearts out, perfuming the air. It’s wonderful, and the honeysuckle will just keep on blooming through the summer, making every morning cool or warm, smell like…well, it’s what The South smells like, when it’s not Vandy’s Barbeque Smokehouse. Honeysuckle and roses…awesome.

Life here, chugs along with it’s uncertainties and continuities.

Uncertain: Will CJ graduate or not? Don’t know yet. If he decides to go fishing instead of staying in school all day just one more time, he won’t graduate. Fortunately, the hotel reservations we’ve made for the night of graduation can be canceled without penalty. I’m not telling him that. When I told him we had reservations, he said “well, damn, I guess that means I really do have to, doesn’t it.” I said “Yes, that $150 lost will come out of your pocket if you don’t.”

Certain: The skies will rain, the heat will come, Terry will work, and I’ll have laundry to do. Life goes on, no matter what.


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