Me and my big mouth

There’s this thing about authority figures. I don’t really…um…well. I don’t see them as Special. They’re humans who poop and make mistakes and probably watch reality TV when no one is around. Now, having said that…

Last night the owner of the company Terry works for came over for dinner. I thought it went really well. We conversed. He brought up the issue of a nastygram I wrote to him a while back, because I was troubled by the hours Terry was working and kinda needed to Stand Up For Mah Man. I told him I was harsh in the letter and apologized for the way it was worded. He teased me about it, we talked it over. I got his perspective and he got mine. I think it all worked out. Terry was mortified.

I did not intend to mortify Terry. I respect Terry more than anyone on the planet. More than the owner of the company who employs him, more than the Pope or ANYONE. And yet, I mortified him. I won’t go into deep details but I totally see Terry’s perspective, why he was so troubled and I wish I hadn’t said the things I said that bothered him so much. But, I can’t go back. All I can hope now is that The Owner will recognize that Terry’s wife is opinionated, mouthy, and not one who kowtows to Authority. Because I don’t.

However, generally speaking I think the evening went well. The Owner is a pleasant man and a good conversationalist (plus he sent me a BIG bouquet of beautiful flowers and brought a bottle of wine which was delicious but subsequently upset both our stomachs so we were up all night fretting like people do when they’re up all night but don’t know why). I am totally inviting him again, especially now that I know his dietary restrictions and can cook food he can eat.

I promised The Owner and Terry that I would never bring up the topic of The Letter ever again. I told The Owner I hoped he’d come eat with us again soon and he said he’d like that very much. Statesboro has little to offer unless you love BBQ or fast food,and he’s up here about 2 weeks of the month.

I feel a need to redeem myself in Terry’s eyes.


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4 Responses to Me and my big mouth

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Does Terry think that what you said reflected on him, or was he simply mortified that any human would talk to Big G without kowtowing?
    People grow and change over the years. Maybe there’s just a new side of you for Terry to discover, and to discover he loves.
    You know you didn’t insult Terry. If Terry doesn’t feel insulted, just uber-surprised, no need to redeem, right?
    You’re great just the way you are, IMO.

  2. rootietoot says:

    I think it’s a bit of both. I am consoling myself (ok, keeping myself from leaping in front of a moving bus) by saying that The Owner now knows Terry has no control over his wife’s opinionated mouth. As to whether or not Terry will come to love this side of me, maybe if he sees it in an arena that actually benefits him. What I need to learn is when to use my mouth and when not to.

  3. jeanie says:

    Hmmm – I think from what you have written here Owner actually respects you for voicing your opinion, and Terry should feel slightly pleased that you are ready to stand up for your man.

    That being said, 3 things need to happen.

    You need to vocalise (in letter form or however) the things that irk, such as Terry’s workaholism or the reasons behind it – otherwise it would be to the madhouse with you, methinks!

    Perhaps you need to edit it through Terry so he understands that him not standing up to the Owner if it affects him ALSO affects his family.

    Owner needs to realise that things need to change for the betterment of his WHOLE enterprise – happy worker’s wife, happy worker’s life.

    • rootietoot says:

      I have sent a letter like that to The Owner, that was the gist of it- Terry’s work hours and my reasons for being pissed about them. I pointed out that a happy, rested worker is a productive worker. That’s true for managers like Terry and hourly wage earners. The owner’s reasons fo working everyone is roughly this: the company is growing rapidly, and staffing takes time to catch up with production. All true, I agreed, however, working people into the grave is not the way. Tell customers it will take a month to fill their order, instead of 2 weeks. Establish a policy of taking Sundays off, no matter what, so the workers will be rested. He accused me of not understanding business, and perhaps I don’t, but I *do* understand people, and they are not machines that can be worked constantly. They Need Rest.

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