garlic tortilla chips

I love crunchy things, garlicy things and salty things. Give me something that has all 3 and I’m experiencing bliss. Well, a while back we ran out of crackers (that reminds me, I need to get some groceries) but we had a whole pack of flour tortillas SO…i made my own. Here’s how, you won’t believe how easy this is!

Flour tortillas, whatever size. I use burrito size because I always have them
minced garlic (that stuff in the jar)
kosher salt
coarse black pepper
parmesan cheese

Brush the whole tortillas with the juice from the minced garlic jar, be sure to get some of the garlic bits on there as well. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, parmesan cheese maybe some dried italian seasoning or cajun spices or WHATEVER. Stack the tortillas (I make at least 5) and cut them into cracker sized squares. Lay on a cookie sheet in a single layer and put into a preheated (or not…it just takes a bit longer if it’s not) 350 degree oven for 12-15 minutes or until toasty brown.

They make a sturdy cracker suitable for dipping into hummus or salsa, or top with something.

Now, I know not everyone keeps the minced garlic in a jar. So…you can also brush the tortillas with a bit of melted butter or perhaps olive oil instead, and sprinkle with dried garlic powder or garlic salt. I’d totally say play around to find your favorite combination of seasonings.

Loaner Girl had the idea of putting parmesan cheese on it so she gets the credit for that and let me tell you they’re amazing like that.

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One Response to garlic tortilla chips

  1. Bella Rum says:

    “Brush the whole tortillas with the juice from the minced garlic jar”

    Oh, my goodness. H will love these. He’s a salt freak. I love sweets and salt. I would definitely use hummus with these.

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