Preteenas, and off we go!

There’s a Princess in the house. A quiet, curly haired, meat eating, salad eschewing, pink wearing (omigawd someone else wears a bra around here!) person of the female persuasion who will make David nervous and Terry cautious and Eli confused. This is a very good thing.

Yesterday we perused the selection of fabrics at the local store. I pointed out acceptable selections (no, we don’t make a skirt out of polar fleece even if it does have pink and purple spots), and told her I was giving her a day to think about it. Today we’ll most likely go back, get a couple of patterns and some fabrics. She *did* make excellent selections for the peasant blouse (easiest thing on the planet to make, and a great starting point for a beginning seamstress), that being broadcloth or eyelet, so I’m going to get both. One can never have too many white peasant blouses. Especially eyelet in the South. Stuff for skirts, great taste she has, and will look QEWT with the white blouses. Pictures forthcoming of sewing lessons and fashion modeling. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up, and one has to start with the basics of sewing and fabric identification. And so it shall be.

Other than that, I intend to do Not Much. Laundry is caught up, dinner will be something light and simple, Eli has enough new lego kits to keep him busy until Summer Break. I am not terribly worried about the other boys at the moment. I haven’t heard from CJ recently, but sent him a note with some money, so expect a phone call of gratitude in a day or two. David’s work is fine, Will is suffering relationship-with-woman difficulties but I expect that will resolve itself. Today, I’m going to pay attention to the Curly-Haired Princess.

See, JerseyChick (mother of TCHP) was here for the last almost-week. Her and her Three Fine Kids in my house, making me wish she lived next door so I could see them all every day. (*sigh). Right now, what i wouldn’t give to have them around all the time. I’d probably even be willing to be nice to her husband for that. She and I have this thing with each other’s kids. It’s less like a thing where they’re the children of a friend, and more like they’re part of family, and we each have the right (responsibility, really) to reprimand or correct the kids when we see them acting in a way we consider disrespectful or disobedient. It’s easier to see it in someone else’s kids than one’s own, so when my #4 gets sassy, she’ll give him A Look and say something, or when her #2 rolls her eyes or gets bossy, I can say something to set her back. It’s awesome, like having a third person around to help out with the raising of the kids. I love it. It’s also great to have another adult to talk to about issues, get a perspective that we don’t have. She can say teenage years can be really rocky, but they will survive and turn into delightful adults. Just look at Will. I can say that I see her doing something that seems a bit punitive, relax a bit…you know, we look at things through different lenses, and that is a very good thing.

It’s a relationship I wouldn’t trade for all the cheese in Switzerland. And I really like cheese, too.


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  1. Peasant blouse? Does your friend sell her designs?

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