First Full Day

of double estrogen girly living kinda stuff here at home. Yay!

We went to Hobby Lobby and got fabric for 2 peasant tops (white and dusty-rosey pink) and 2 skirts (hot pink print with butterflies, and aqua print with mod-type flowers) plus all the assorted oddments and bobkins necessary for trouble-free sewing of lovely clothes. I love to sew. Have I ever told you that? I adore going to a store and choosing a pattern, looking at all the options of colors and designs, picturing a finished garment that can be happily worn for the next year, with memories of all the fun getting it together.

I admit to being a bit out of practice. I sewed regularly from the time I was 9 until about 8 years ago, when I got frustrated with the cost of patterns and decent cloth. When it costs $30 to make a simple top, and you can run to a store and get one similar for $15, not to mention the time and all, it’s hard to justify it. BUT…when you have a preteen girl, who needs to learn a skill, and one simply cannot FIND ready made clothes to fit her body type and sense of style, one sews, with great enthusiasm.

I remember being 12, and having a certain sense of style, and being completely incapable of finding clothes I liked. I remember having the body of a 20 yr old woman and the clothes I liked were just cut all wrong, because it was assumed a 12 year old girl was built like an asparagus and not like an early incarnation of Marilyn Monroe. I remember that frustration and I also remember the sense of accomplishment when something turned out exactly like I’d planned. Hopefully I can pass a bit of that along to the next generation.

So, tomorrow we sew.


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