Where Rootie busts out the religion and stuff

I’ve never made it a secret that I’m a Christian and here’s why (I’m a Christian, not why I’ve never made it a secret…ok maybe that too)

Today is Easter! It’s when we dress up pretty and go to church and sing:

Christ the Lord is risen todaaaay Ah ah ah ah loo yah AAAAAMEN

Someone said to me not long ago how awful they thought it was that God would send His son to Earth just to nail him on a cross and make him die miserably. And yeah, if you look at it that way (that is, without all the information) that sounds pretty awful. I wouldn’t do it. BUT, fortunately for the world, I’m not God.

It’s like this (and once Ruth’s up, because she knows chapter and verse and I don’t, I’ll add the direct Biblical references). Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit are God. Triune God, Three in One, all 3 present at the creation of the Universe (Genesis 1:26), and all 3 All knowing, omnicient, ommipresent, all powerful. That means Jesus was there when the decision was made that someone (He) would have to sacrifice Himself for our sins, perfect and ultimate sacrifice to cover all humanity, past, present and future for their sins and make it possible to have a right relationship with God.

clear as mud? It boils down to this: He died for us, because He wanted to. Not because God made Him do it, because He *is* God. He wanted to because He loves us enough to be willing to jump in front of that tiger of sin and take what was coming. He knew it would be awful. He was NOT looking forward to it (in the garden at Gethsemane He asked God to take this away from Him but if it was God’s will he would do it: Matthew 26) But He did it anyway, because He knew it was necessary for us to be able to have a relationship with Him/God/Holy Spirit.

Anyway, Easter Weekend, that is Good Friday (when we remember His death, it’s hard on me to think about that) and resurrection (not as hard, in fact so filled with joy I can barely contain myself!) is an emotion packed event.



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2 Responses to Where Rootie busts out the religion and stuff

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  2. preach it, preach it!

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