Baby, you can drive my car

Terry has a friend with a car. Not so unusual, here in Deepest South Georgia, most of us have cars. Only this friend has a Car of Great Interest.
Now, I don’t know how many of you are real car hounds. We aren’t *really*..we do love a good car, we both love to drive with a certain degree of reckless abandon, and people don’t expect either one of us to have any real skill at it (given our generally quiet, middle class lifestyle and demeanor).

However, we both love to drive things that are not The Ordinary Thing. And Mike has No Ordinary Car. It’s his baby, his mistress, the object of deep desire of his 17 year old son, and on the short list of every deputy in the county.

It’s a 1978 Datsun 280Z that he has heavily HEAVILY modified with pretty a nice body kit (retaining it’s 280Zness, but still looking raht nahssss) and *ahem* a modified 2000 Corvette big block V-8 engine…HAW *snort*
You think I’m kidding, any of you who know anything about cars… like I said the first time I heard about it…


Apparently no one told Mike that, because he did. Now he says “be careful over 140, it will kinda…erm…try…go…kinda…like…uh. Airborne, justintherearendsobecarefulok?”

And how do I know this? Well. He came over last night, for him and Terry to go eat greaseburgers and drink Southern Comfort straight from the bottle out in the mancave. Terry said Hey come lookit this car! So I did and I was all “can I drive it? Huh Huh? Can I? Gimme the keys I wanna drive it!”
And Mike goes OK but I’m not riding with you. You women are demons in that car and it scares me.

Eeeeeeeeeee! I Got To Drive His CAARRR I Got To Drive His CAAARRR

Down the back roads of Bulloch county with a speedometer that doesn’t really work, just kind of bounces and approximated your speed but it was kinda bouncing around 120, I think, because I was busy watching the tachometer (it’s governed to cut the engine off at 5500rpm so I was trying to keep it below that), Terry said to shift at about 4000rpm for good effect and aaaahhhhhyeah. I could get used to that.* Le sigh.*


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One Response to Baby, you can drive my car

  1. That is one hot car! What a blast to own that.

    I’m just back from Spring Break vacation and catching up on my reading. I’m off to read your older posts.

    Happy weekend,

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