The Battle of Bastogne

It was a long, messy and brutal battle during WW2, taking place in Bastogne, France smack in winter. It kept going and going and looked bad for the Allies, but they didn’t give up.

Ture story: I knew a man, Mr. H. who fought in that battle. He said the thing he learned, the one thing that stuck with him all these years, was that a burning corpse smells worse than a rotting one. He lived in a trench with a corpse for nearly 3 weeks, and he said you get used to it. But then, he added, it was winter so it probably wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Anyway, Eli has been watching Band of Brothers with Terry, and they have an episode featuring this battle, and the Battered Bastards of the Battle of Bastogne. Eli decided his birthday cake would feature such.

He has never been one to want the ordinary Spiderman Cake or whatever. 2 years ago it was a HotRod cake, black icing with hotrod flames and a HotWheels car. I have a picture somewhere, I think.

He and I went to 3 stores to find just the right army guys. So the tank isn’t a Panzer, but c’mon…he’s 11.


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3 Responses to The Battle of Bastogne

  1. Cheelydawg says:

    Truly awesome. My birthday is August 4th, I would like the Battle of Midway, please. 😉

  2. SuperBee says:

    That is quite an exciting cake! I like the blood.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Wow! I mean, WOW!!!

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